VisualSonics announces launch of the NeuroPak™ Deep Brain Imaging System


VisualSonics Inc., a leader in real time, in vivo, high-resolution micro imaging systems, today introduced the NeuroPak Deep Brain Imaging System. NeuroPak is a novel technology that provides pre-clinical neurology researchers with the capability to image biological and cellular processes in the brains of conscious animals. It works with the Cellvizio® LAB Imaging System, a miniature endoscopic fluorescence microscope, to allow users to repeatedly image a section of a small animal’s brain, in real time while the animal is awake and moving freely.

Anil Amlani, Chief Executive Officer of VisualSonics said, Our Neuropak™ Imaging System allows researchers real time access to tissue, deep in the brain of a conscious animal. Existing research tools limit access to near-surface imaging on sedated animals. Using this new technology, researchers can now determine how the brain reacts to different stimuli in real time

The NeuroPak™ System uses a small implant in the skull of the mouse, placed over the area of interest in the brain, which allows repeated, reproducible insertion of the probe for imaging sessions which can be hours in duration. The CerboFlex™ Probe is a special fiber bundle probe designed to fit the implant that is very flexible and lightweight, thus the mouse is free to move around while the fiber probe is in place. The CellVizio LAB is capable of high resolution, real time imaging of fluorescent tissues, cells and markers at micron levels. Based on a robust, patented confocal technology which employs a high resolution fiber bundle, laser scanning unit and sensitive detector optics, the easy-to-use platform allows real-time imaging of microscopic biology inside a living animal.