Viztek Receives Bundle Deal of CR, DR, and PACS


Canandaigua Orthopaedics Associates PC in Canandaigua, NY has chosen Viztek for a complete radiology solution to convert the facility from analog film-based technology to a digital imaging environment with DR, PACS and CR. The site has selected Viztek’s U-Arm DR, Opal-CR and completed the digital hardware package with Viztek’s state of the art Opal-ORTHO PACS designed especially for the orthopedic space.

The facility initially considered purchasing a centralized multi-bay CR unit with two control stations to accommodate both of their existing x-ray rooms; however, leading local area dealer Sywest Medical Technologies was able to offer them a more advanced solution for a competitive price. “Price points for DR are trending downwards,” Tom Snyder, Sywest CEO explains.

“With DR prices coming down, it creates a great opportunity for sites converting to digital to take advantage of the advanced technology.”

Canandaigua Practice Manager, Gillian Flynn, explains, “Buying CR, DR, and PACS all from the same vendor is exciting for our practice. It consolidated the purchasing process, making it far easier and faster. Additionally, it’s comforting to know that for all of our future imaging support needs we can call a single source. Switching to Viztek’s complete digital solution has bettered our practice; our operation is far more efficient, allowing us to see more patients. Our technologists are particularly pleased that DR images are available for viewing within six seconds of exposure and also that they have been able to image virtually every position with Viztek’s U-Arm without the need of the table for positioning.”

General Manager of Viztek, Bruce Ashby, explains, “We are bundling DR and CR on a more regular basis. It’s great for facilities to be able to purchase more advanced technologies for relatively similar costs. Canandaigua is now performing at higher levels with DR and CR than they would have had they purchased two CR systems.  The goal for Viztek is to provide the most effective tools for the facility to reach and maintain the best workflow possible. Coupling Viztek’s DR, CR, and PACS solutions for Canandaigua’s switch to digital will offer dramatic enhancements to the analog process that was in use prior to Viztek’s system.”