Ways To Stay Young as You Age


Getting old is not fun, and many people dread the downfalls of aging, looking for ways to stay young and fit. There is nothing you can do to stop the clock, but you can maintain a good lifestyle that will reward you with fewer aches and pains as retirement age nears.

We also don’t want to watch our parents struggle as the years settle in, and it can be difficult to watch someone you love become incapable of performing everyday tasks. Science tells us how important it is to keep your mind and body active to slow down the aging process, so read on to find out ways you can stay physically and mentally young for as long as possible.

Keep Your Muscles Active

Yes, exercise is important for everyday health, but your brain is also considered a muscle. The less you use it, the less you are able to use it. Studies have shown that when people learn and keep their minds active, the brain shows increased blood flow and improved neural functions.

Take up a hobby that keeps your hands and body moving like dancing or daily walks. You could challenge yourself to some crossword puzzles or try learning to paint. Some studies even suggest that staying sexually active in your older years is both beneficial for your body and mental wellbeing.

Maintain Social Communities

It is in our DNA to be sociable and research shows that loneliness can increase the chances of physical problems like high blood pressure or heart disease. This doesn’t mean that you have to suddenly become an extrovert to stay young, but keeping in touch with family and close friends that make you happy is important.

It is especially good if you can join social groups like a book club or gardening group, and this becomes more critical the older you get. New Perspective knows social communities are critical for quality of life for seniors, which is why they focus on connecting people to a wide range of communities around the world.

Eat More Omega-3

Fish and fatty acids from Omega-3 have been proven to improve mental function and memory. Often being called “brain food”, you should have no less than 200 – 250mg of this healthy oil per day. You can take it as a supplement or just eat more salmon, fatty fish, and nuts. This vital nutrient is not only good for mental health but has been shown to reduce aging by decreasing inflammation in the body.

There are many more ways that you can stay young as you age. From taking regular deserved breaks to destress to trying out new experiences, you don’t have to let the fear of getting old keep you from feeling good. Remember though, as you age you are still prone to certain diseases and physical problems like balding or losing eyesight. So, be sure to keep up with your doctor’s visits and take care of yourself above all else. You don’t need fancy anti-wrinkle creams or expensive surgeries to feel your best.