Wider Tech Can Help Thailand Boost Healthcare Efficiency


The healthcare industry in Thailand has been doubling up on digital health technology integration in the years that have gone by; however, it seems that more can surely be done in order to elevate the growth potential.

It is well to be noted that the digital health transformation has been gaining traction across the southeast Asian nation for a long time due to mobile health applications, online consultations, electronic health records, commonly known as EHRs.

Building up these technologies as well as promoting the usage of other advanced solutions such as health analytics can go on to streamline workflows across hospitals as well as clinics, curtail waiting times when it comes to patients, and at last bring the entire health cost down with the help of automation.

As some of the digital health technologies in Thailand are still in the early or infancy stages, there is still tremendous room to grow and develop digital technologies that ought to be integrated across the entire healthcare sector.

It is well to be noted that inefficient healthcare systems, a lack of resources, and exorbitant costs happen to be the major elements that got the sector driven to embrace technology more. Apparently, the mobile health applications that happen to be allowing Thais to monitor their fitness goals as well as their health conditions rank as the most popular technology as of now, followed by EHR usage in hospitals as well as clinics.

Telemedicine, most importantly in the rural segment, where access to physical healthcare happens to be limited, and wearable technology such as smart watches and fitness trackers have all started to gain immense popularity. Widening the present pool when it comes to online avenues will go on to further elevate healthcare access. As per one of the insights, there is still a significant potential for varied digital health technologies that can be made more accessible for the entire set of population. Certain tech like wearable technologies and advanced health analytics, can go on to get incorporated as well as adopted. Thailand happened to be placed fifth in the worldwide healthcare security index in 2021, which is the highest across Southeast Asia in the rankings that benchmark health security across 195 nations during crises.