Improving the lives of patients suffering from chronic pain


For patients suffering from chronic pain, their lives can be miserable if the pain relief on which they rely is inefficient. It is essential, therefore, to support them in improving their situation to continue to live fulfilling and happy lives. Both the prevention of pain and the relief thereof are vital.

Healthy weight

It can be difficult to bring up the subject of weight with anyone. However, to prevent anyone from putting their body under excess pressure and strain, this conversation is a must. Being overweight or obese can have drastic consequences on the body’s joints. Even a small reduction in body mass can result in a huge improvement and relieve pain to a certain degree. Encouraging a balanced diet with treats in moderation is a must.


For many sufferers of chronic pain, the thought of undertaking any form of exercise can be overwhelming. Explain to the patients that you are not expecting them to be running a marathon or taking part in the Olympics. However, raising their heart rate at least once a day can be beneficial. It is crucial that all patients understand that exercise should be a regular part of their routine, something to be done almost every day, rather than simply on the good days. Furthermore, remaining active will allow them to do more within their everyday lives now and in the future. The idea of exercising when in pain may seem counterproductive. It is crucial that patients understand the potential benefits. Without exercise, the condition can deteriorate. For example, back pain will not improve simply by lying in bed. Moving around is key to relieving the pain and allowing mobility.


Having access to the best medication for them is vital. For many, it can be a trial and error approach. Some people simply respond better to certain pain relief treatment than others. Side effects can vary from person to person too. A growing number of patients are keen to avoid prescription medication altogether and may ask for advice regarding alternative forms of pain relief. For those considering things like CBD oil, it is advisable to read this guide for detailed information about the different types available as well as the pros and cons.

Mental health

With the diagnosis of an illness accompanied by chronic pain, a patient’s mental health can take an immediate nosedive. Of course, it is difficult to focus on other things when the thought of suffering is hanging over you. Therefore, it is vital to encourage patients to do things which will improve their mental wellbeing. If depression is causing them great problems, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is an excellent option. Alternatively, they may find that joining a support group for those suffering with chronic pain will allow them to freely discuss what is on their mind and ask questions that others may struggle to answer. For others, keeping things as ‘normal’ as possible is important. For example, attending work as before, socializing with friends and taking part in the usual hobbies.