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Designation: Assistant Professor of Public Health Nutrition and Program Coordinator of Nutrition and Dietetic Sciences Department at Haigazian University.

University: Haigazian University

Her researches focus on dietary motivations and behaviors, nutrition policies, food marketing and food psychology; and were honored with highly international awards. She works closely with national ministries and organizations, and international institutions on health projects.She has several publications in scientific refereed journals and book related to community and public health nutrition.She has many talks in national and international health/nutrition congresses. Dr. Hamadeh is also former member of several executive international Scientific Committees and Associations.

University:Haigazian University

Haigazian University was founded in 1955, by the Union of Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East-UAECNE and the Armenian Missionary Association of America-AMAA.Inspired by the Armenian Evangelical heritage and following the American liberal arts educational model,Haigazian’s mission is to promote academic excellence;and to prepare its graduates to serve in their respective communities and society at large and to face 21st century challenges in a global context.Haigazian provides quality, personalized education for undergraduate and graduate students; and creates an environment of trust, respect, and non-discrimination for students of diverse backgrounds. For more information, go to

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