Assisted Living Facilities in West Palm Beach, Florida – A Comparison Guide


As you get older, even the simplest daily activities – possibly the same ones you have been effortlessly doing your whole life – can become challenging and stressful. However, you don’t need to give up on your preferred standard of living when this happens. 

By choosing assisted living, you can maintain your independence and dignity while also enriching your life with improved safety and engaging activities. In this guide, you’ll learn how to choose the right facility for your needs and discover the best assisted living communities in West Palm Beach, FL. 

Assisted Living Facilities in West Palm Beach: What You Need To Know

When choosing a senior living community in West Palm Beach, FL, you can be sure to enjoy the highest standards of living. However, not all facilities are created equal. That is why it is important to know what to look for in the right community. Here are some key factors to assess. 

Reputation and Standards of Care

The first step is to look at a community’s reputation, history, and experience. To do so, start by looking for the “About Us” page on their website, read testimonials, and spend time assessing their online reviews. 

Additionally, you should look at the level of care they provide, whether they offer both short- and long-term care, and what the qualifications earned by the staff members are. Since, according to ACL, seniors tend to spend less than a year in assisted living facilities, you might also look into what type of continued care a certain community provides. 

Cost and Included Services

Of course, you can’t put a price on health and independence during your Golden Years. However, for many seniors, managing their health also means managing their money

That is why the next step is to assess the services included by your chosen assisted living facility. Although this may vary depending on your health, you should strive to find a provider that offers 24-7 skilled nursing care, hospice services, assistance with daily activities and personal care, and specialized care for seniors with conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease.

Size and Location

As you age, it might be important to you to live close to your family and friends while also taking advantage of a well-established community. In this case, assessing the location and size of your chosen assisted living center can help you determine whether it will fit well with your lifestyle goals. 

Life-Enriching Activities

Most assisted living facilities offer life-enriching activities and value-based care for seniors. These engaging activities include sports, physical exercise, high-quality food, wellness programs, housekeeping services, and social events. Make sure to review what a certain provider offers before signing the contract!

5 Best Assisted Facilities in West Palm Beach, FL

In Florida, there are nearly 2,200 assisted living facilities to choose from, and over 60 of those are located in the West Palm Beach area. So, how can you find the right one for your needs?

Although the choice might feel overwhelming, the shortlisted communities below can work as a great starting point to find your next home:

  • Wellington Bay – Located a stone’s throw from the center of West Palm Beach and the Atlantic coast, Wellington bay is a luxury retirement community that offers fine dining, wellness centers, specialized memory care units, and an upscale lifestyle.
  • Brookdale West Palm Beach – This senior living community is centrally located and provides a wide range of services, including assisted living, independent living, memory care, hospice services, and skilled nurse care. Guests can enjoy facilities such as walking paths and outdoor pools located within the center’s 33-acre grounds.
  • Argo Senior Living at Haverhill Road – what sets apart this community is the intentional like-home feel and compassionate care. Beyond simply offering assisted living services, Argo Senior Living offers a secure and welcoming home for seniors. 
  • Fountainview – Located at the heart of West Palm Beach, Fountainview offers a resort-like luxurious lifestyle to its residents. The community provides independent living and assisted living services, as well as respite and long-term care. 
  • The Carlisle Palm Beach – If you are looking to immerse yourself in an upscale, resort-like environment, the Carlisle Palm Beach community is for you. This senior living center provides independent living options, as well as assisted living and memory care services. The community also enriches the lives of its residents with a calendar packed with events and world-class entertainment and wellness facilities. 

Ready to start your search? Although websites can help, don’t forget to visit prospective facilities in person to determine whether they are right for you!