How To Maintain Solid Support For A Better Night’s Sleep


Getting enough sleep is imperative to your health, and you’ll soon feel the difference when you aren’t sleeping well. Whether you’re finding yourself tossing and turning all night or if you’re always overheating, sleep troubles happen to us all at some point. But there are ways you can combat them, and one of the main ones is through maintaining support via your mattress. You’d be surprised at how much of a role this plays in the quality of your sleep, and you may not even realise that it’s the culprit of your insomnia and daily aches and pains. So, if you want to maintain a solid support in your bed that will give you a better night’s sleep, keep reading and find out…

Have The Right Firmness Of Mattress

Firmness is extremely important when it comes to support for your body, and each person will need a different level to match their needs. You could have the best firm queen mattress, but if your body needs a softer one, then it won’t be doing you any good. Sleeping position also plays a part in the type of mattress firmness that you need. For example, side sleepers benefit from a softer mattress as firmer ones put too much pressure on their joints. But front and back sleepers need to have a firmer mattress to ensure that their lower back, pelvic area, and neck are properly supported. So, as you can see, even the smallest detail makes a difference to the type of support that you need at night. It’s always best to test out mattresses in person too. This way you can actually feel the type of support it gives when you lay in your own sleeping position. With the right level of firmness, you’ll ensure that your spine is correctly aligned, and no pressure is placed onto any of your joints. Being fully supported all night long will always ensure that you get a great sleep no matter what.

Ensuring Your Mattress Is Big Enough

As well as being firm or soft enough, mattresses need to be the right size in order to provide you with proper support. We’ve all shared a single bed at one point or another, and it can be an absolute nightmare. Having a bigger mattress if you’re only a single person can make a huge difference too. That doesn’t mean you have to have a huge super-king sized one but upgrading from a single to a double can work wonders. When your mattress is big enough, you can sleep in any way that you want, and you won’t feel restricted. If you do feel like that, then you’ll probably end up sleeping in an uncomfortable position that’s not actually providing your body with the support it needs. So, see if you can upgrade your mattress size, and you should see a huge improvement.

Temperature Regulation

Support isn’t just about the bodily type. In fact, one big area of support that a lot of people need is temperature regulation. Most people find that at night, they suffer from night sweats, or they just can’t get comfortable because they’re too warm. However, with new cooling technology in mattresses this can be a thing of the past. Lots of newer mattresses can come topped with a cooling gel on the upper layer, so that when you lay on it, the coolness is released, and your body temperature is better regulated. This can really make a difference to your overall sleep quality, so if you suffer from being too hot at night, make sure you go for a mattress with a cooling topper.

Take Care Of Your Mattress

The last tip on how to maintain solid support at night is to actually look after your mattress. Think about how many hours a night we spend on them, and how little attention we actually pay to their upkeep. They’re the key to ensuring we wake up feeling refreshed and free from pain, so never taking care of it will soon start to cause you issues. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, as some mattresses need to be rotated every so often, and some need to be flipped. Not all mattresses can be flipped, so it’s important that you don’t just do it because you’ve heard it’s the right thing to do. If you’re ever unsure, find out which make and model you have and speak to a professional retailer. They’ll be able to help answer any maintenance questions you may have and allow you to take proper care of your mattress to ensure it’s support lasts you as long as possible.

Mattresses are extremely important when it comes to your sleep quality, so it’s vital that you have the right one and look after it once you’ve got it. Don’t be afraid to try out different ones in stores before settling on the one that’s right for you either. Salespeople can be pushy, but always stand your ground and be armed with the knowledge of what sort of mattress you need. So, if you really want to enhance the amount of sleep you get, then you need to fix the type of support you’re getting from your mattress. Take these tips on board when mattress shopping, and you’ll be able to find the perfect one for you in no time at all!