Acquisition to provide the most advanced AI platform for brain diseases


QYNAPSE SAS, a French medical technology company, announces the acquisition of the Canadian company TRUE POSITIVE MEDICAL DEVICES Inc. (TPMD), a spin-off from the universities of McGill and Laval. The objective of this strategic collaboration is to combine TPMD’s technologies, patents and expertise with Qynapse’s know-how and product line – and thus form the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) platform in the field of imaging of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis.

Over the past fifteen years, the founders of TPMD, Prof. Louis Collins (McGill University, Montreal, Canada) and Prof. Simon Duchesne (Université Laval, Quebec City, Canada) have established one of the most impressive scientific and technological asset bases in brain imaging and AI applied to this field, supported by more than 500 publications and scientific communications. These technologies are already being used in Canada by leading research consortia and private international players in studies specifically related to neurodegeneration, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

QYNAPSE is already marketing its first QyScore® medical device to clinical centers in Europe and the United States. Its platform is also used in clinical trials involving dozens of centers worldwide. The collaboration with TPMD will allow QYNAPSE to extend the applications of its QyScore® software to other brain diseases such as stroke, epilepsy, autism, schizophrenia, and head trauma – and also to develop new software to predict clinical progression for individual patients and optimize enrollment in clinical trials.

QYNAPSE’s acquisition of TPMD covers 15 patents, including 9 issued in the United States and Canada, grouped into nine technological asset families. The founders of TPMD will join QYNAPSE’s scientific board, setting the stage for a long-term collaboration.

According to Prof. Louis Collins: “QYNAPSE is a very promising partner for TPMD and both McGill and Laval universities, which will allow us to accelerate the regulatory approval and marketing of the technologies we have developed in recent years”. Prof. Duchesne adds, “Indeed, with QYNAPSE we will have access to a partner that is already well established in the medical field. We look forward to providing clinicians with the tools they need to improve the accuracy of their diagnosis, facilitate prognosis and guide treatment for diseases such as dementias and cerebrovascular diseases.”

“We are delighted to partner with two of the world’s leading experts in brain imaging, and to expand our scientific and clinical collaborations with two major centers of excellence in this field.” said Olivier Courrèges, CEO of QYNAPSE. “This collaboration will create a unique technological structure, strengthening our ability to deploy powerful tools to address two major challenges: clinical trial performance and personalized management of brain diseases, which affect more than one in six people worldwide.”

Once finalized, TPMD will be integrated into QYNAPSE CANADA Inc. and TPMD’s scientific and commercial partnership contracts will be operated by this new entity.