Adobe, Change Healthcare and Microsoft Launch Consumer Healthcare Platform


Change Healthcare unveiled the Connected Consumer Health suite, a suite of new consumer and financial engagement platform collaboration with Adobe and Microsoft for healthcare providers, which provides a modern, streamlined experience throughout the patient journey. The Connected Consumer Health™ suite is delivered in a software-as-a-service model, with speedy deployment, no hardware to procure, and minimal IT resources required for customers to access and use the platform.

Enriching Consumer Experience

The rise of consumerism in healthcare has patients seeking to evaluate their healthcare choices as they would any other product or service––by conducting online research, reading reviews, comparing prices, and ultimately engaging those who best fit their needs and budgets. In order to establish a more enriching consumer experience, patient engagement must evolve to satisfy these demands.

Connected Consumer Health Suite Offerings

The Connected Consumer Health™ suite helps make this possible. Change Healthcare’s collaboration with Adobe and Microsoft has yielded a solution that offers patients an enhanced experience, providing physician details and patient reviews, together with access to price comparisons and other features related to their care––all on an integrated, scalable, and more secure platform.

Shop Book and Pay: Consumers can play an active role in their healthcare choices by using the application to access healthcare provider pricing and reviews, schedule appointments, and pre-pay for the service.

Virtual Front Desk App: Provides patients and staff with a touchless check-in experience, using personal devices for queue management, online check-in and forms, and communicating when patients should enter the facility––improving everyone’s safety and increasing their peace of mind through this digital experience.

Care Cost SE App: Price transparency and service bundling solution, helps providers increase pre-service collections from cash and high-deductible health plan consumers. The Care Cost SE application streamlines what has traditionally been a time-consuming exercise by automatically reaching out to patients via text or email based on time or clinical follow-up triggers, with a prefilled shopping cart to book and pay for services––be it a referral for an MRI, mammogram reminder, follow-up visit, or other services.

The Digital Patient Experience Manager App: Optimizes the digital interactions between patients and caregivers while supporting compliance with applicable laws and regulations, including those that impose additional obligations on the use and disclosure of personal health information. Unlike other offerings, the Digital Patient Experience Manager platform focuses on the entire healthcare ecosystem––the patients, the primary caregivers and referring physicians, specialists, labs, etc.––by coordinating appointments and maintaining patient engagement, which is critical for effectively keeping patients in the system, driving a cleaner, more efficient flow of patients with referral orders, and helping meet compliance requirements such as the Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA).

Integration Benefits

Combining Adobe’s customer experience management (CXM) capabilities with the cloud expertise of Microsoft, the Digital Patient Experience platform takes advantage of Change Healthcare’s revenue cycle management expertise, data integration, and healthcare workflow prowess with advanced cloud security and customized configurations to help meet the critical regulatory requirements applicable to individuals’ sensitive health data. It addresses many facets of the patient digital journey by orchestrating and personalizing omni-channel communications, transforming the way providers acquire, communicate with, receive payments from, and retain patients.

“With our partners Adobe and Microsoft, we have transformed the digital patient experience and modernized the way providers interact with consumers exploring their healthcare options,” said Bill Krause, vice president and general manager, Connected Consumer Health™ suite, Change Healthcare. “The launch of the Connected Consumer Health™ platform increases patient engagement and streamlines provider interactions through a consumer-centric experience that arms patients with critical information and enables providers to engage and retain their patients.”