Lille Group releases Cardiac Signals cloud-based patient monitoring software


Lille Group announced that it launched its Cardiac Signals cloud-based software platform for healthcare professionals to monitor cardiac patients remotely.

The secure platform enables cardiology practices and hospitals to manage cardiac patients remotely with ease and efficiency, which is aimed to help during a potential telehealth boom as the COVID-19 pandemic continues and onsite clinics are forced to delay patient care. It not only enables remote management in lieu of in-person visits, but also helps at-risk patients whose cardiac conditions could cause serious complications if they contract coronavirus.

Albany, N.Y.-based Lille Group’s platform can be integrated into any electronic health record system, or used in a stand-alone mode with any major internet browser, according to a news release. It also captures all billable events.

The company said thousands of patients have already been managed with the platform through Albany’s Capital Cardiology Associates, a company whose CEO, Dr. Augustin Delago, said in a news release that Cardiac Signals improved the handling of patient volume and increased efficiency to improve patient care.

“Lille Group has spent the last year developing an easy to use, secured platform that is able to clinically manage tens of thousands of mission-critical cardiac device patients and automate the billing component for cardiology practices,” Lille Group CEO Jordan Rosen said. “We are providing a less expensive solution to customers that are struggling with server-based technology both from a financial and access standpoint. Clinicians could not routinely work from any place securely and now they can 24/7” said Jordan Rosen, CEO at Lille Group, Inc.