Ancillary Care Solutions to Address Data Driven Management of Physical and Occupational Therapy

Ariz. Ancillary Care Solutions (ACS), the nationwide leader in helping healthcare organizations establish and manage physical and occupational therapy programs, announced that Cary Edgar will speak at the annual conference of the Texas Orthopaedic Association and Texas Association of Orthopaedic Executives on using data to optimize both the quality and profitability of physical and occupational therapy.
Mr. Edgar will share key PT/OT specific benchmarks and address why a PT/OT provider or practice may be below benchmarks. He will also discuss how to use data, such as average procedures/visit, to determine whether therapists are treating patients for an appropriate period of time and whether they are capturing all appropriate charges. Payment trends will also be addressed, including how higher co-pays and deductibles are affecting average visits/patient and overall PT/OT profitability.
According to Cary Edgar, “PT/OT margins can shrink very rapidly, and therefore proactive management of provider and support staff productivity and overall efficiency based on real-time data is an absolute necessity.
ACS leverages its financial, operational and regulatory expertise to help healthcare organizations manage their therapy programs, ranging from the development and management of new programs to the expansion of existing programs and the reinvigoration of underperforming programs.
About Ancillary Care Solutions
Ancillary Care Solutions (ACS) is the nationwide leader in helping healthcare organizations, hospitals and physician groups develop and optimize the performance of physical and occupational therapy programs. In addition to providing financial, operational and compliance solutions that generate a substantial ROI, ACS offers real-time physical and occupational therapy benchmarking, productivity tracking and reporting through its Web-based TherapyWorks solution. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, ACS currently works with healthcare organizations in more than 25 states.