Cerner Launches AI-Powered Command Center Dashboard for COVID-19 Response


Healthcare IT leader Cerner recently launched a new tool to help organizations visualize and optimize operations in a centralized location by leveraging real-time data and predictive analytics to provide situational awareness and decision support. The Cerner Command Center dashboard, powered by AI and predictive models, helps organizations align patient needs, staffing, and resources to improve care and operational efficiency.

The need for healthcare systems to have situational awareness has never been greater. To help organizations manage operational efficiency during COVID-19, Cerner offered and is offering rapid deployment of the Cerner Command Center dashboard. The Cerner Command Center culminates people, processes, and technology into a single physical space to execute collaborative decision-making and workflows supporting the improvement of patient throughput. This approach focuses on patients — aligning the patient with the appropriate caregiver, in the right place, at the right time. The Cerner Command Center centralizes operational solutions that provide situational awareness and trigger the team to take immediate action when needed.

Other key features of the Cerner Command Center include:

– real-time data and predictive analytics to provide health systems clear line of sight into critical resources such as available beds or equipment in order to respond to patient needs and plan for the next.

– visualize key clinical and operational metrics in a centralized location, aligning throughput, staffing, and resources to optimize operations and drive action.

– standardized and near real-time dashboard that is accessible to the right staff at the right time can be used for making important operational decisions that can help facilitate the delivery of quality care to patients, support transformational change, and predictable operational excellence.

Deployment at Northern Light Health

Northern Light Health in Maine was the first health system to deploy the Cerner Command Center dashboard, as part of its COVID-19 response. The ability to capture and display real-time data and analytics has been vital for Northern Light Health to effectively address managing bed capacity and care activities during this health crisis. With a cloud-based machine learning ecosystem, Cerner used 3 years of historical data from Northern Light Health to go beyond the current and predict operational needs in the near future.