Connected Healthcare Solution Builds on Northern Territory’s Web Services Secure Messaging Delivery


Hospital & Healthcare Management/ Press Release/  March 15th 2011 :– InterSystems Corporation announced that the Northern Territory Department of Health has selected InterSystems Ensemble® and InterSystems Systems Integrator partner DWS Advanced Business Solutions for the provision of an e-Health Enterprise Integration Hub.

InterSystems’ selection will make the Northern Territory the second Australian jurisdiction to deploy Ensemble, the company’s seamless platform for integration and the development of connectable applications, as an e-Health Integration Hub.

InterSystems has also supplied regional health integration solutions for the National Health Service (NHS) Scotland, the Swedish National Electronic Healthcare Record, the Netherlands’ National IT Institute for Healthcare, and U.S. health information exchanges in the states of Rhode Island, Florida and New York.

The e-Health Enterprise Integration Hub will allow connected healthcare applications in the Northern Territory to utilise clinical data from other systems. It provides a single point of integration for each application with a hub and spoke architecture that simplifies the task of creating and maintaining interfaces.

"A vision for e-Health in the Northern Territory pictures all of the diverse healthcare providers easily and securely sharing clinical information for the best possible healthcare outcomes," said NT DoH Chief Information Officer, Stephen Moo.

"Ensemble was selected on its ability to integrate with systems in diverse healthcare settings in the Northern Territory. These include 58 DHF staffed public health facilities, 10 DHF visiting/mobile services, 31 non-DHF remote health facilities, over 120 private practices, 200 specialists, five public hospitals and one private hospital," Mr Moo said.

"Other key healthcare and support services requiring integration include allied health, aged care, pathology, diagnostic imaging, pharmaceutical and ambulance.

"Delivering high quality, integrated patient care is a complex challenge in the Territory, given our demographic and geographic challenges. Without appropriate technological support, we would not be able to provide the level of care our patients and clients require."

The e-Health Enterprise Integration Hub will build upon the Northern Territory’s recently deployed secure messaging delivery system which aligns with emerging national e-health standards drafted by the National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA).

With support for healthcare information exchange standards such as HL7, the Integration Hub will also interface with Australian national e-Health services including Individual Healthcare Identifiers (IHI), Healthcare Provider Identifiers (HPI), the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) and The National Authentication Service for Health (NASH).

Additional features include support for Web services, integration of .NET and Java applications,  business activity monitoring, real-time dashboards, graphical representation of business processes and a user portal to allow human decision points within an automated business process. Ensemble also provides the ability to develop user-defined Web-based composite applications.

DWS Advanced Business Solutions will provide systems integration services to support NT DHF’s implementation of the e-Health Enterprise Integration Hub and will train the Department’s employees in the development of application interfaces and composite applications in InterSystems Ensemble.

"DWS has extensive knowledge of the health sector from its strategic partnerships across other state health agencies and NEHTA," said Alan Thomas, General Manager SA/NT for DWS. "DWS’s comprehensive domain expertise, coupled with our strong partnering ethos, will ensure the successful delivery of the e-Health Enterprise Integration Hub and play a pivotal role in placing the NT DHF at the leading edge of e-Health in Australia."

"In building an e-Health Integration Hub, the Northern Territory is taking advantage of InterSystems’ advanced technologies to rapidly and cost-effectively integrate existing healthcare applications across the continuum of care," said Stan Capp, Regional Director for InterSystems.

"One of the advantages of this approach is the ability to become self-sufficient in maintaining and developing the solution to keep ahead of ever-changing requirements."

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