DexCare and WompHealth Combine to Bring the Best of eCommerce to Healthcare While Creating New Digital Discovery Solutions


DexCare, Inc., the leading data-driven intelligence company focused on creating exceptional healthcare access experiences for everyone, has acquired preeminent eCommerce and online merchandising technology company, Womp, Inc. The company’s brands, WompHealth and WompMobile, remain independent subsidiaries of DexCare. WompHealth applies groundbreaking online shopping technology to empower health systems to deliver frictionless, intuitive digital experiences for consumers. WompMobile utilizes powerful technology to convert any website – no matter how complex – into a high-performance mobile experience. Womp CEO, Madison Miner, and his team bring with them decades of eCommerce experience, digitally-transforming some of the country’s largest brands, both within healthcare and elsewhere.

The combination of DexCare and Womp coincides with the consumerization of healthcare access, a sea change occurring throughout the industry. Patients seek best-fit experiences that allow them to discover, book and receive care with the convenience, speed, and flexibility they get from eCommerce. From travel to restaurant reservations, most industries are now characterized by digital customization, a merchandising mindset and retail centricity, and these traits will define the next frontier of healthcare access.

DexCare and Womp are modernizing the consumer experience by delivering more effective digital discovery and access in concert with the ability to balance and optimize system capacity. Womp powers over 70 million consumer-facing digital experiences, resulting in significant increases in click-thrus, conversions and customers. The underlying technology becomes a key component of DexCare’s Digital Discovery Solutions, which provide health systems a turnkey solution to create, publish and promote high-performing, consumer-facing mobile and web-based digital experiences, as well as natural language search and merchandising care options.

“Online scheduling isn’t enough anymore. Health systems face intense competition, evolving consumer expectations and limited resources that require comprehensive, highly-performant Digital Discovery Solutions that empower health systems to capture sustainable growth and guide patients to the best care while optimizing capacity in real-time,” said Derek Streat, CEO of DexCare. “Womp is providing an essential element to this vision – a powerful storefront for healthcare.”

Digital Discovery Solutions enable consumers to easily discover care on search engines and websites, including a health system’s digital front door (DFD), and to access real time availability for the care options best suited to their needs. They also enable health systems to extend their DFD to the places consumers are looking for care, ensure high-converting experiences that engage new and existing patients, and effectively feature the care options that support health systems’ strategic, operational and financial objectives.

Specific components of Digital Discovery Solutions include:

  • Fast Pages: Rapid loading, consumer-facing digital and mobile experiences, purpose-built to drive traffic and conversion by exceeding the most important determinants of ranking and promotion on search, listing and other websites.
  • One Search: Next-generation search engine for health system digital front doors, apps and other websites that empowers users to find care quickly and effectively via modern search capabilities and a frictionless consumer experience. ​
  • Care Options: Intelligently matches care options to consumers by balancing the goals of patients, providers and health systems, and then features the best fit recommendations in Fast Pages, One Search and other consumer-facing experiences throughout the care journey. Consumers never see a dead-end, and health systems extend the capacity of their resources, balance supply and demand, and grow sustainably.​

“Reducing digital friction, by making the complex simple, is how we create customer-centric, results-driven experiences,” said Madison Miner, CEO of Womp. “It’s no surprise that disruptors are rapidly entering healthcare, as the industry’s websites lack the performance, sophistication and personalization that consumers are conditioned to expect. By uniting forces, DexCare is the response to transformation, and brings to market the proven methods of eCommerce to unlock a digital storefront that captures, nurtures, and delivers access to healthcare.”

“Healthcare consumers want effortless and relevant digital access to care,” said Dr. Patrick McGill, Chief Transformation Officer at Community Health Network. “By partnering with DexCare on Digital Discovery Solutions, we now have technological infrastructure that creates a seamless process for patients to intuitively find, and book, personalized care. DexCare’s innovative, digitally-enabled experiences have significantly enhanced both the patient and provider experience here at Community Health Network.”