InterSystems Reimagines Clinician Workflow with TrakCare Assistant


Interactive navigation tool revolutionises how clinicians interact with the electronic medical record (EMR) to save clicks and time, increasing productivity and user satisfaction

Singapore – March 8, 2024 – InterSystems, a creative data technology provider dedicated to helping customers solve the most critical scalability, interoperability and speed problems, today announced the availability of TrakCare Assistant, an interactive navigation tool for the InterSystems TrakCare® unified electronic medical record (EMR) system. InterSystems TrakCare is a health information system and electronic medical record (EMR) for delivering and managing patient care and supporting departmental business functions, with a single patient record for use across the healthcare enterprise organisation.

TrakCare Assistant transforms the user experience for clinicians and users with a new search-based function for surfacing relevant patient information from the patient’s medical record, or to take actions including reviewing test results or placing orders. Clinicians enter text queries into TrakCare Assistant to bypass traditional system menus, reducing manual interactions, improving clinician productivity, and reducing time to care.

Accelerating time-to-care by reducing time to access patient data

Internal tests by InterSystems clinicians determined that TrakCare Assistant substantially reduced the time to access information and perform tasks, compared to navigation with traditional menus and search bars. For typical physician workflows, the new Assistant reduces interaction time with the EMR by up to 66%[1] – time that can be given back to patient interactions.

“The time spent by clinicians on manual tasks for accessing patient information prolongs the time to care delivery,” said Rami Riman, MD, Director of Clinical and Business Improvements for InterSystems. “TrakCare Assistant not only streamlines the interaction with the EMR, it learns user patterns over time. Given how often some tasks are repeated in settings such as critical care units, this new, more personalised workflow is ground-breaking. The potential cumulative time saving is substantial, as is the improvement in user experience and satisfaction.”

“By speeding access to patient information, the new capability accelerates time-to-care and allows clinicians to focus on treating patients,” said Dimitri Fane, Head of TrakCare Strategy and Operations, InterSystems. “Intuitive, search-based interaction allowing entry of simple requests like ‘patient medications’ saves time and reduces frustration and potential burnout.”

Support of third-party extensions such as voice-to-text

TrakCare’s application programming interfaces (APIs) and interoperability options create an open and flexible platform supporting third-party extensions such as voice-to-text.


TrakCare Assistant is available now as part of the TrakCare Mobile Enabled User Interface. InterSystems customers using the current version of TrakCare, which supports continuous updates, can activate the interactive navigation tool by simply switching on a button in their configuration toolkit.

[1] Based on internal tests using TrakCare Assistant

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