PharmAdva enhances Mayo Clinic’s Advanced Care at Home program by leveraging PharmAdva’s MedaCube medication management solution


PharmAdva, the manufacturer of a comprehensive medication management and real-time data solution called the MedaCube™, has announced a collaboration with Mayo Clinic to enhance their Advanced Care at Home program that offers hospital level care at home. The program is utilizing the MedaCube, an in-home medication management solution that meets the needs of patients with complex medical needs.

The MedaCube is a fully automated, bulk loaded, personal pill dispenser which safely stores, tracks, and dispenses, scheduled or as needed medications, to patients throughout the country. The collaboration will help Mayo Clinic Advanced Care at Home to add additional layers of control and better management of how and when medications are dispensed to the patient at home. It will also help reduce time waste, related cost, and increase overall patient satisfaction.

The MedaCube solution has several unique safety features to provide the care team with real-time data for every step of the medication use process, without having the need for staff to be physically present for every dose. The MedaCube safely stores medications for chronic diseases and acute illnesses (e.g. antibiotics, steroids), while allowing the care team to remotely monitor and manage the patient’s medications. The MedaCube provides access to real-time medication scheduling data, inventory, date/time stamps of every dose dispensed, and alerts the care team if a patient didn’t take their medications according to a prescribed schedule. Based on the aging population, limited hospital beds, along with independent living and assisted living facilities, a real need has developed to better manage individuals in their home setting, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. Medication is a big piece of that puzzle to keep patients safe and healthy in their homes. For our sicker US population, loved ones and the patient’s care team must be able to access in-home medication management data in real-time, to react proactively.

Jonathan Sacks, PharmAdva’s Co-Founder and CEO says, “Collaborating with Mayo Clinic to truly improve healthcare delivery within their hospital at home model is transformative for our organization. We are thrilled with the Mayo Clinic pilot results and pleased to move MedaCube into their production program.”

Margaret Peinovich, a pharmacist at Mayo Clinic who led the pilot with MedaCube says: “The medication use process in the home hospital care model is the most complex we’ve experienced to date. Automation is a logical next step to improve the safety, quality, and efficiency of acute medication management in our patients’ homes. The collaboration with PharmAdva will be help us gain a better understanding of the potential for positive impact of automation with MedaCube in this space.” Based on the pilot results, Mayo Clinic has decided to put MedaCube units into production as their Advanced Care at Home program expands in 2022.

Earlier this year Mayo Clinic announced a strategic investment in Medically Home to improve access to serious or complex care at home. The successful evaluation of the MedaCube provides Mayo Clinic and Medically Home customers with real-time, remote management of patient medications for the acute population.

About PharmAdva
PharmAdva is the manufacturer of a comprehensive medication management and real-time data solution called the MedaCube™, which was invented and patented at University of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester, NY. The MedaCube was designed to be inclusive of the care team and engineered to meet the needs of the complex patient population. Our device is aimed at helping individuals improve their health, stay independent, and age in place while helping healthcare organizations improve quality, outcomes, while reducing hospitalizations and cost. The MedaCube is a leading medication management solution with capacity, safety, and delivery to meet the standard of care to remotely manage patients throughout the US.