SpineGuard obtains CE mark for commercial release of its new DSG Connect platform


SpineGuard ,an innovative company that deploys its DSG® (Dynamic Surgical Guidance) sensing technology to secure and streamline the placement of bone implants,announced the CE mark of its “DSG Connect”platform.Already being utilized experimentally in a new strategic high value platform to guide surgical robots, SpineGuard will now apply this platformto it sentire range of products.

The attainment of the CE mark allows for the European launch of a new generation of PediGuard and “smart” screw devices equipped with the DSG Connect module. DSG Connectis a tablet based software interface that adds visual interpretation to the auditory feedback for optimal exploitation of the signalduring pedicle screw placement.It also allows for data recordingof bone impedance valuesas evidence of optimal screw placement within the pedicle and for bone quality studies.

Stéphane Bette, co-founder and Deputy CEO of SpineGuard, said:“SpineGuard affirmsits willingness to continue innovation.DSG Connect is a major step in the development of the company and the deployment of the DSG technology, not only because of the commercial potential but also due to the strategic value of this new platform. On the business side, we will launch a new range of PediGuard devices in Europe offering advanced functionalities to spine surgeon supon resumption of the elective interventions postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.That will allow us to energize our sales network while we monitor closely the impact on customer conversion and retention which we hope to boost thanks to the superior value proposition.

DSG Connect also demonstrates the pertinence of the DSG direct measurement of bone tissue density, performed in real-time without X-Rays, now transmitted to an external computing unit to allow for further analysis during the placement of bone implants, treatment and utilization. It is also an essential component of the application for surgical robots aiming at enhancing their safety and autonomy. We are progressing this application rapidly for which weare actively searching for strategic industry partnerships in our sector with the help of the venture bank Healthios Capital Markets.”

About SpineGuard®Founded in 2009 in France and the USA by Pierre Jérôme and Stéphane Bette, SpineGuard is an innovative company deploying its proprietary radiation-free real time sensing technology DSG® (Dynamic Surgical Guidance) to secure and streamline the placement of implants in the skeleton. SpineGuard designs, develops and markets medical devices that have been used in over 75,000 surgical procedures worldwide. Fifteen studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals have demonstrated the multiple benefits DSG®offers to patients, surgeons, surgical staff and hospitals. Building on these solid fundamentals and several strategic partnerships, SpineGuard has expanded its technology platform in a disruptive innovation: the «smart» pedicle screw launched late 2017and is broadening the scope of applications in dental implantology and surgical robotics. DSG® was co-invented by Maurice Bourlion, Ph.D., Ciaran Bolger, M.D., Ph.D., and Alain Vanquaethem, Biomedical Engineer.