TECSYS Introduces Most Innovative Logistics Software


TECSYS Inc. , an industry-leading supply chain management software company, introduced the world’s most innovative  software solutions for healthcare with the introduction of Visual Logistics exclusively from TECSYS. Visual Logistics is a new technological innovation that enables clinical, pharmaceutical as well as med-surge operations to significantly streamline their products’ and supplies’ logistics process and achieve the highest accuracy known to date.

TECSYS’ Visual Logistics for healthcare founded on advanced technology that delivers visual instructions to workers on their hand held computer. With TECSYS’ Visual Logistics, workers and clinical professionals are able to leverage critical information to make faster decisions and accelerate their workflows. It also enables them to execute tasks more accurately; enhancing the safety and quality of their work and enables them to deliver more with less effort.

“In an industry such as healthcare where regulatory compliance is extremely stringent, operations are demanding, standards are high and products and supplies must be “absolutely positively” delivered to the right people at the right time, Visual Logistics represents the most innovative technology to the healthcare supply chain.   Visual Logistics significantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of product delivery and service to the highest levels known to date.” stated Robert Colosino, Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, TECSYS Inc.

With TECSYS’ Visual Logistics for healthcare, workers and clinical staff are able to do the job quicker with increased accuracy and confidence, such as:

  • Unmistakably identify pharmaceutical products, med-surge components, surgical tools and hygienic supplies. 
  • Instantaneously locate aisles, boxes, totes, pharmaceutical cabinets, products or parts.
  • Recognize safe limits, hazardous material, compliance labels, and much more clearly identify lot numbers and expiry dates.
  • Improve management of product allocations and physical inventory.
  • Reduce user fatigue and fatal errors in monotonous repeat logistics activities.
  • Learn on-the-go how to perform tasks, assemble surgical kits and/or package sensitive products and material.
  • Reduce cost. Handle more with less.
  • Improve service to customers and patients. Increase level of customer satisfaction.

TECSYS’ Visual Logistics Paradigm:

The fundamental business case for Visual Logistics is based on the ability to increase throughput, eliminate errors and increase reliability. The more products that can be picked, packed and shipped accurately and in the least amount of time will definitely equate in lower labor cost and improved bottom line for healthcare distribution operations. Having accurate, relevant information immediately accessible and understandable by workers delivers better results and enables them to act promptly, make faster decisions and complete logistics cycles much faster.

TECSYS in Healthcare

For over a decade, TECSYS has been providing distribution and warehouse management solutions to the healthcare industry; these include Fortune 100 manufacturers and distributors, as well as a number of IDNs and third party logistics providers in Canada and the United States. The Company’s product suite for healthcare effectively streamlines business processes that cut across functional areas and consolidates fragmented operations, often replacing multiple legacy systems. As an integrated suite of applications– TECSYS’ software speeds up the flow of business activity across the enterprise, consolidates information, manages inventory, drives dramatic cost savings, and delivers superior customer service.


TECSYS is a leading supply chain management software provider that delivers powerful enterprise distribution, warehouse and transportation logistics software solutions. The company's customers include about 600 mid-size and Fortune 1000 corporations in healthcare, heavy equipment, third-party logistics, and general wholesale high-volume distribution industries. TECSYS’ shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol TCS.


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