Wolters Kluwer Health introduces advanced medication decision support platform for EMR vendors


Wolters Kluwer Health, a leading global provider of information for healthcare professionals and students, unveiled Medi-Span® Clinical, a robust clinical decision support (CDS) platform that delivers the functionality, interoperability and medication-related CDS necessary to advance the practice of evidence-based medicine and to achieve meaningful use of health IT.

“In developing Medi-Span Clinical, we listened to the needs and concerns of both EMR vendors and clinician users. This enabled us to deliver an advanced medication decision support platform that is easy to implement and use, and that eliminates many of the interoperability challenges plaguing other drug compendia,” said Arvind Subramanian, President and CEO, Wolters Kluwer Health Clinical Solutions.

For EMR vendors, Medi-Span Clinical delivers CCHIT-compliant medication-related clinical decision support and enables client organizations to meet multiple criteria for meaningful use, as currently defined. Medi-Span Clinical is comprised of a suite of Application Programming Interfaces (API) that allows health information system vendors to utilize Medi-Span content, terminology mappings and featured functionality in a manner that seamlessly integrates into new and existing EHR applications. Utilization of APIs allows development efforts to focus on the application rather than the underlying data structure.

Medi-Span Clinical was developed architecturally to adapt easily to a continuously evolving certification environment, with a flexible platform that can grow and expand to meet future criteria with minimal impact to customers.

For clinicians, Medi-Span Clinical delivers a full slate of medication-related CDS features, including drug interactions, route contraindications and drug allergy alerts. It also provides links to supporting medical evidence, the ability to turn off individual interactions or allergic reactions and flexible screening capabilities. Finally, the Medi-Span Clinical vision features a full range of APIs, including those that support dose screening and recommended drug orders, identification of therapeutic duplications, pregnancy, lactation and age and gender conflict checking, and drug to disease screening.

“In addition to unprecedented interoperability, Medi-Span Clinical delivers advanced end-user controls over alerts and warnings that reduce the risk of ‘alert fatigue’ and drive adoption at the point-of-care,” said Subramanian. “By deploying Medi-Span Clinical within their EMRs, providers and vendors alike are able to advance the meaningful use of health IT and provide clinicians with the advanced point-of-care CDS they will actively embrace.”