Townsend Announces Launch Of New Osteoarthritis Knee Brace


Townsend Design announced the North America release of the Active Reliever, a soft shell single-upright osteoarthritis (OA) knee brace. This off-the-shelf or custom fitted brace is designed to relieve pain by reducing load on the side of the knee that has been injured or progressively degenerated. Sales of the product in other countries will begin in July.

The Active Reliever features a sewn-in integrated semi rigid frame and quick release buckles which make application and removal of the brace easy for patients. The Active Reliever also incorporates a counterforce tensioning strap and a low profile Townsend Motion Hinge that tracks with the anatomical roll-and-glide movement of the knee.

Townsend released its first Reliever Series OA brace in 1995, and the company has been a leading manufacturer of custom, customized and OTS OA knee braces for 20 years. A recently published study on its flagship Rebel Reliever double upright rigid OA knee brace proved an average 36% reduction of decompressive forces and substantial improvement in activity and quality of life. By employing similar technology and concepts in a soft shell configuration, Townsend anticipates the Active Reliever will increase compliance among a broader patient demographic that may be reluctant to wear a rigid brace. 

"Decompressive bracing continues to gain momentum as a conservative treatment option for men and women who are compromised by knee injuries and degenerative conditions," says Rick Riley, CEO of Townsend Design.  "Through the release of the Active Reliever and other products in our development pipeline, we're increasing our focus on wearable designs that apply alignment-enhancing and off-loading corrective forces to the leg to reduce pain and increase patient mobility."

Townsend's ligament, OA and specialty bracing solutions are made in the USA. Founded in 1984, Townsend Design is recognized as a leading innovator and fabricator of technically-superior orthopedic products prescribed for injuries, post-surgical treatment and mobility limiters. In 2011, Townsend increased its world-wide distribution by becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of Thuasne, a family owned medical textile company. Established in 1847, Thuasne owns manufacturing and distribution entities throughout Europe.

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