Understanding HCP Usage of Technology in a Post-Pandemic World through Hidoc


The COVID-19 pandemic has revolutionized the health care system in India by bringing in multiple digital health technologies as the new normal. As a result, our healthcare systems are charting roadmaps to leverage digital tools to design, set up, and implement various telehealth services.

HCP or healthcare personnel use the digital concept to keep people out of the hospital and maintain social distance. This has accelerated the treatment of diseases as the process now uses remote patient monitoring and related medical interventions.

HCP Usage of Technology

Before the pandemic outbreak, digital healthcare technology usage mainly comprised analog devices, like wearables and hearables, that capture data in a low-key manner. Nevertheless, doctors extracted helpful information from this data to come to a close diagnosis of the patient’s ailment. These included devices such as patient monitors, ventilators, diagnostic testers, infusion pumps, and CT scanners.

However, these methods required the patient and the physicians to be in close proximity that broke the social distancing protocols vital for life protection. The HCPs realized the need to have more effective methods to be in place that minimized physical interactions but were still accurate and user-friendly.

Call for Technology in Healthcare
Tele-health or virtual doctors’ visits became popular. It paved the way for online scheduling and medical investigations through widespread usage of technologies for enhanced care monitoring and management.

This whole concept has made it easier to monitor patients. HCP can now treat people at home, with required medical data coming in from blood pressure monitors, electronic gadgets, or pulse oximeters. This type of data assessment is not only convenient but also cost-effective.

Today, even after the pandemic is subsiding, doctors commonly use digital healthcare technologies to identify early warning signs of diseases. They can now easily capture data from a wearable device or advanced imaging.

Technology has been accepted with open arms by doctors, physicians, and pharmacists alike all across India. Hidoc Dr. has come forward as a technically medical breakthrough utilizing AI-based medical learning for more than 8 lakh doctors across 29 plus states in India. A vast database of 1 lakh plus medical cases provides doctors with guaranteed and quick medical second opinions based on evidence.
Below we present some valuable insights that will help you understand HCP usage of technology.

I. Usage by Platform

  • India has about 1.8 million doctors, out of which 20% are GPs or general practitioners.
  • 90% of these practitioners rely on search engines like Google and digital medical platforms like Hidoc Dr. to assist in their clinical decisions.
  • A GP performs 15 to 20 medical searches a day on average.
  • There are about 1000 endocrinologists in India, and they do an average of 500 searches per day on Hidoc Dr.. to find relevant cases and articles.
  • Similarly, 1200 plus oncologists use the Hidoc Dr. app to search cases and drugs across medical, surgical, and radiation domains of oncology.
  • 24000 plus Obstetrics, Gynaecologists, and IVF specialists in India use Hidoc Dr. to gain information from 10 million articles from 28,000 plus medical journals.
  • 98% of these OBGs who use the Hidoc platform search for cases and seek second medical opinion for pregnancy and infertility drugs, PCOS, and pre and post-pregnancy complications.
  • 24890 active Paediatrics in India use Hidoc Dr. for case studies and medical information.
  • These pediatrics perform 650 searches in one day on an average related to drugs and case studies.
  • 10,000 plus registered and 9000 active Critical Care Doctors in India also use this app
  • They perform an average of 450 searches a day related to infectious diseases and related drugs.

The graphs given below represent the HCP usage of the Hidoc Dr. app.

These insights can help pharma managers to create a social presence to connect with their audiences and share quality content to promote engagement.

II. Usage by Content Consumed
Hidoc Dr. is a trusted companion of doctors across India across various domains and specializations to seek medical second opinion online in a quick and reliable manner. The app has a massive database of more than 30,000 medico journals and 1 lakh medical cases. With about 12 million web and app sessions conducted every month, there is a tremendous amount of content consumed by various doctors.

Hidoc Dr. provides a wide range of articles, blog posts, case studies, videos, quizzes, learning series, books, and even medical news and the latest information about clinical trials. There are also online surveys that provide valuable information and insights into the medical industry across various niches.

  • About 30,000 cases are posted on Hidoc Dr. per month. That averages to about 1000 cases on a daily basis.
  • The Hidoc platform provides approximately 4 second medical opinions for every case referred.
  • The app provides a wide range of CME or Continuing Medical Education courses and instructional video material to aid doctors.
  • There are informative and educational articles and research findings that are read and shared by thousands of doctors.
  • The app also features quiz campaigns with detailed analytics and online surveys.
  • It also arranges webinars with more than 12 million web and app sessions monthly.
  • Most frequently read articles by GPs are related to Covid-19 effects on medical practice, long Covid symptoms, and roles of family physicians.
  • Highly viewed articles by Endocrinologists are related to PCOS, testosterone management in older males, and insulin dose adjustments.
  • Highly viewed articles by oncologists are related to global cancer mortality rates and trends, cancer cure and its critical analysis, and radiation guides for radiation oncologists.
  • OBG’s mostly view articles related to pregnancy trauma and shared decision-making for OBG’s and pediatric gynecology.
  • Intensivists mostly view articles related to Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS), the impact of SARS-Cov-2 on elderly patients, and the prognostic impact of Vitamin D deficiency in ACS patients.

III. Usage by Actions Taken

Hidoc Dr. has carved a niche among the medical fraternity with its comprehensive information and research database and extended reach pan India. Thousands of doctors across various domains read, consume, share, and refer to the app content daily. Podcasts, webinars, research articles, and online CMEs are immensely popular.
Here are some insights:

  • Most searched keywords by GPs across India on Hidoc Dr. are Covid fever, coronavirus mutation, and long Covid symptoms.
  • Top searched drugs by GPs are Doxycycline, Ibuprofen, Paracetamol, and Immunity boosters.
  • Top searched keywords by endocrinologists across India are Thyroid, Hypoglycaemia, obesity, and metabolic abnormalities.
  • Top searched drugs by endocrinologists are Corticosteroid, insulin, Methimazole, and Letrozole.
  • Top searched keywords by oncologists in India on the Hidoc Dr. app are Immunotherapy, chemotherapy, and malignant by medical oncologists, Metastases, Prognosis, and Whipple procedure by surgical oncologists, and radiotherapy and curative treatment by Radiation Oncologists.
  • Most searched drugs by oncologists are Dasatinib, Axitinib, and Avelumab.
  • Top searched keywords by OBGs are pregnancy, PCOD, and infertility.
  • Top searched keywords by pediatricians are ADHD, Autism, and Congenital Heart Disease.
  • Most searched drugs by pediatricians are Albuterol, Cephalexin, and Azithromycin.
  • Top searched keywords by Intensive Care/ Critical Care doctors are cardiovascular medicine, allergy, and diabetes, and metabolism.
  • Most searched drugs by Intensive Care/ Critical Care doctors are Atropine, Dopamine, and Epinephrine.

If we go by the click statistics by HCPs, here are some interesting findings:

  • The percentage of HCPs who clicked on a single Hidoc Dr. article is 78%.
  • The percentage of HCPs who clicked on 2 articles is 69%.
  • The percentage of HCPs who clicked on 3 articles is 68%.
  • Finally, the percentage of HCPs who clicked on 4 articles on the app is 65%.

Case Database Statistics on Hidoc Dr. are as follows:

  • The percentage of HCP consumption for one case is 98%.
  • The percentage of HCP consumption for more than 10 cases is 82%.
  • The percentage of HCP consumption for more than 50 cases is 68%.
  • The percentage of HCP consumption for more than 100 cases is 44%.

Hidoc Dr. app medical calculator usage is as follows:

  • The percentage of HCP consumption for one calculator is 61%.
  • The percentage of HCP consumption for more than 10 calculators is 42%.
  • The percentage of HCP consumption for more than 50 calculators is 36%.
  • The percentage of HCP consumption for more than 100 calculators is 28%.

Hidoc Dr. app medical guideline usage is as follows:

  • The percentage of HCP consumption for one guideline is 95%.
  • The percentage of HCP consumption for more than 10 guidelines is 59%.
  • The percentage of HCP consumption for more than 50 guidelines is 12%.
  • The percentage of HCP consumption for more than 100 guidelines is 5%.

Hidoc Dr. app Ad Metrics that show ad behaviour are as follows:

  • Most effective modern advertisement-Podcasts
  • Most effective legacy advertisement- Up to 7 minutes CME videos.
  • Most preferred advertisement: GIF Ads and banners
  • Ad engagement per HCP: 1 out of 20 ads result in engagement with 5% CTR.
  • Ad shown per HCP: 4 impressions per active HCP daily

Summing Up
Hidoc Dr. assists various interested pharmaceutical companies pan India with its digital marketing initiatives. With its massive outreach to millions of doctors all over the country, you get access to a vast pool of medical data and practitioners. Hidoc has been recommended by several medical associations and has successfully built trustworthy and long-lasting relationships with millions of users.

Doctors can continue to benefit from our massive reach and 1 lakh medical case database pan India. If you are a digital marketer, communicate the right message to your medicos with Hidoc Dr that can help you transform your brand visibility. Advertising on Hidoc is 9X cheaper than other digital platforms with a brand recall rate of 10X.
Get in touch with our team today. For more information click here : https://www.hidoc.co/index.php

Company: Hidoc Dr

Hidoc Dr. is an AI based Medical Learning App for Doctors. It provides Doctors with guaranteed Evidence Based MEDICAL SECOND OPINIONS in under 15 minutes, and access to more than 1 million Medical cases, 30K+ Medical Journals, Learning Series, Medical Calculators, Conferences, and Quizzes.

Hidoc Dr. assists in patient care by always providing Doctors the right advice to complex medical problems in a matter of a few minutes. It's totally free for Doctors to use in India. Almost 500K Doctors in India have registered on Hidoc Dr. App & Web Solutions.

Almost 400,000 Doctors use Hidoc solutions per month and almost 100,000 Doctors attend Webinars hosted by Hidoc per month. Hidoc Dr. has been recommended and used by multiple Medical Associations such as ISCCM, AOI, IAP, IMA, FOSGI and used by Doctors in leading institutions such as PGI, AIIMS, BJMC, JJ and CMC among others.


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