Why you should have a prescription for contact lenses?


In the U.S.A., it is illegal to buy lenses of any kind without prescription from a licensed eye doctor. While buying corrective lenses for clearer vision without a prescription can be dangerous, cosmetic lenses worn to change eye color do not cause any harm.

But basic preventive measures should always be followed to avoid eye infections. The measures are: one should not share lenses, keep contacts only in the solution, not use water to clean lenses, always wash and dry hands before wearing lenses and should not sleep and swim or take bath with lenses.

Buying lenses with prescription can cost you a lot of money. First you need to see an eye doctor to obtain the prescription and then there is no discount offered on those lenses. But certain websites like contactlenses4us sell contact lenses both with and without the prescription and they even offer discounts as their expenditure on a store is nil. They offer all types of lenses from popular brands.
Although, buying lenses from unauthorized markets, websites and stores is not advisable.

Why is it dangerous to buy lenses without a prescription?
If a person is buying lenses without prescription, chances are the person has not visited an eye specialist. The doctor examines the eye properly and then prescribes the lenses.

1. Eye glasses and lenses have different prescription
It is due to the fact that glasses are worn above 12 mm from your eyes while contact lenses lay directly on your eyes. A person needs two separate prescriptions for these two. The curve also differs. Contact lenses are customized for your eyes.

2. Lenses do not suit everyone
Many people wear cosmetic lenses to change their eye color. However, it is noteworthy that some people have dry or sensitive eyes. Wearing lens on dry eyes will feel itchy and uncomfortable. People with sensitive eyes are not advised to wear lenses. This is because the lenses can cause small cuts or abbreviation in the eyes leading to infections.

3. Lenses should fit properly
Lenses rest directly on the eye surface. That being said, certain lenses may not be a proper fit for the eye because of their curve. An eye specialist will suggest you lenses only after a thorough medical examination. This will ensure proper fitting. In case the lenses do not fit properly, the user will experience distorted vision.

4. There are several lens materials
Lenses are made out of different materials. The eye specialist will conduct some tests to suggest the most suitable material for the eye. If a person wears lenses made from material that does not suit their eyes, they will experience swelling, redness, irritation or small cuts.

5. Lenses have different types
There are lenses that can be worn for a month, for two weeks and for 24 hours including night. An eye doctor will advise you to wear a certain type based on the eye condition. Monthly contact lenses do not suit everyone. And doctors suggest daily disposable lenses to most of their patients.

Wearing contact lenses might enhance a person’s appearance but can cause infections and irritation if not prescribed by an eye doctor.