Case Study:Hospital Clinico De Valladolid, Spain From empty shell to state-of-the-art CSSD


Many newly-built hospital facilities in Spain have stood empty since government funding for equipment dried up after the 2009 financial crisis. An improvement in economic conditions in the past few years has meant a release of funds to equip “empty shell” hospitals.

Part of a new extension completed at Hospital Clinico De Valladolid in 2013 had been earmarked for the hospital’s new CSSD, but was left empty for two years. Now, Getinge has transformed the empty space into a state-of-the-art CSSD, which will replace definitely the
current decentralized washing and sterilization facilities later this year to serve the hospital’s 22 new operating rooms. All of them equipped with Maquet (Getinge Group’s business area specializing in medical systems) surgical table.

We started talking about this project four years ago, but discussions with the hospital began to intensify two years ago, says Olivier Bertolini. The project was to turn an empty 500 m2 space into a fully functioning CSSD. Based on detailed technical specifications, they wanted us to propose one global project covering everything: equipment, design and layout, interior building work, floors, partitions, water and air treatment and so on.

What made this project unique, was not only the scope, but also that the hospital wanted the equipment supplier to manage the conception and realization. So, instead of a building company subcontracting to Getinge, we subcontracted to the building company. I think it’s one of the first time a project has been managed in this way by Getinge, in any case in Europe.

Success factors
Olivier Bertolini mentions four factors that helped Getinge win the contract: detailed preparation, a distinctive layout, the quality of equipment and system integration.It was vital to find a good building company and prepare the project in detail with them, so we could be sure of meeting all the technical specifications.

One thing that made our bid stand out was a very different layout.The key difference was a central corridor, which separated processing on one side – zones for washing, packing, sterilization and dispatching – and all the support functions on the other.The corridor has large windows, which let in more light to the various zones. There is no natural light in the department, so this will improve the working environment. The windows not only provide good visibility for staff, but also, looking ahead, for visitors on reference visits. They can see all the processes in action without having to enter the sterile area.

Naturally, the quality of our new equipment was also very important as well as full system integration. The importance of having one global partner who can guarantee support 15 years down the line for all the products supplied was definitely a strong argument – it’s
something local manufacturers cannot match, concludes Olivier Bertolini.

The order was secured in late November 2014. After a period finalizing the project details, the Getinge team was given a tight completion schedule – just 120 days to finish the entire project. Thebuilding work and equipment installation was completed in May 2015, and equipment testing and validation of the premises was carried out successfully in June.

Getinge solutions

  • Four new 8668 washer-disinfectors with AGS 2.0 automatic loading system
  • Six height adjustable packing tables with built-in T-DOC stations running the latest T-DOC version
  • Three ProSeal Premium sealers
  • Four GSS67H sterilizer with automatic loaders and unloaders

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Getinge Group 
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