42nd World Hospital Congress: Global Health Leaders Committed To Building The Health System We Need And Expect


The 42nd IHF World Hospital Congress kicks off at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre for three days of discussions with health leaders from more than 40 countries to improve the way we deliver healthcare.

Hosted by the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA), with support from Queensland Health’s Clinical Excellence Division, the World Hospital Congress, under the umbrella of the International Hospital Federation (IHF), is a unique international event that brings health leaders from around the globe together annually to share views and experiences, network and develop excellence in healthcare and hospital leadership.

‘Over the next three days we will delve into and unpack key issues impacting how healthcare is delivered now and in the future’, said IHF President Dr Francisco Balestrin. ‘This afternoon at 3:15pm we will recognise health service leaders from around the world for their outstanding and innovative contributions to enhance patient experience and outcomes during the IHF Awards Ceremony.’

‘Our six major plenary sessions will feature world-renowned keynote speakers and insightful panel presentations. There are also 160 other speakers to offer you examples of current innovations in healthcare from around the world’, said Dr Balestrin.

‘Day 1 will showcase leading thinking in the value-based healthcare movement, including the leadership and management competencies required, frameworks for measurement and implementation strategies’, said AHHA Board Chair Dr Deborah Cole. ‘From government led change in Denmark, to quality improvement approaches to reducing waiting times in Nigeria and resource optimisation in Malaysia, health leaders are focused on
delivering quality health services.

‘Day 2 will illustrate the many ways the healthcare neighbourhood can work together to deliver better coordinated care for patients’, said Dr Cole. ‘Our speakers are thinking and working beyond the walls of a typical hospital—delivering care to the rural poor in the Philippines, providing collaborative care for dementia in the community in Hong Kong and creating efficient collaborative models between healthcare providers in Spain.

‘Day 3 brings together some of the most innovative users of technology to show how the future of healthcare will use evidence in new ways. ‘Hear how Belgium turned 2.5 million data points into an 80% reduction in resuscitations, how Kazakhstan is standardising data capture and how big data is helping to unlock the complexity of cancer in France’, said Dr Cole.

‘The IHF is very excited to return to Australia after more than 20 years, having held the 1997 World Hospital Congress in Sydney’, said Dr Balestrin. ‘Let’s learn from each other and participate actively over these three days in the conversation on how we can build the health system people need and expect.’

For more information on the 42nd IHF World Hospital Congress, visit www.hospitalcongress2018.com.

For more information on the AHHA and the IHF, visit www.ahha.asn.au and www.ihf-fih.org. This media release is available online.