5 Signs Your Kid’s Feet Must Be Checked by a Podiatrist


As your kids grow older, they rely mostly on their feet. In fact, their feet are two of the most used parts of their body, especially during this stage. But sometimes, they’re also the least taken care of.

That’s why it’s high time that we take the health of our kid’s feet more seriously. Taking care of them now means that they’ll have a better and healthier pair when they grow up. Keep in mind that their feet will support them throughout the rest of their lives.

If you have kids who are still in the growing stage, this piece is for you. Below are some of the things that you have to watch out for in your kids’ feet. If you notice these issues, you might have to bring them to a podiatry clinic.

Growing Pains

Growth spurts are some of the physical changes that your kids will experience. These spurts normally happen to children who are entering their teenage years. While these are normal, they can be a pain in the ass, too.

During growth spurts, your kid’s body grows in such a short period that the other parts will have a hard time keeping up. This is also the time when kids love to jump, run, and play around. So we can only imagine the stress that their lower bodies experience during growth spurt.

Once they complain of pain in their legs and feet, give them light massages to ease the pain.

If the pain doesn’t go away, bring them to the children’s podiatry clinic Watsonia North for a check-up.


Intoeing is when a child is walking or running with his feet turned inward instead of pointing in front. Kids who suffer from this condition are called pigeon-toed.

If you are concerned with your kid’s condition, have them checked by a podiatrist. To know the reasons for your kid’s intoeing, you will be asked about your pregnancy, delivery, and the physical development of your child.

This way, your foot doctor can understand your child’s condition better. Intoeing can be treated by changing your kid’s posture, shoes, and through several exercises.


Tiptoeing, on the other hand, is when your kids walk while tiptoeing or without the heel touching the floor. According to experts, toe walking could be caused by developmental issues. It’s also linked to several conditions like autism, cerebral palsy, and muscular dystrophy.

In extreme cases, your child might have to undergo surgery. That’s why it’s better if you have them checked by a foot doctor now.

Increased tripping

Although tripping is only natural, it can be a problem if it occurs repeatedly. Tripping can happen if your child has weak muscles and joints that cannot support the body appropriately.

Ingrown Nails

Ingrown nails are uncommon in children. And it can be caused by a lot of things: heavy objects that fell directly on your kid’s feet, nails that weren’t cut correctly, and shoes that are not the right size for your kids.

You have to keep an eye on these ingrown nails because they can be painful for your children. Ingrown nails are prone to infection so don’t ignore them when you notice them on your kid’s feet. Bring them to a podiatry clinic in case an infection happens or worsens.

Certainly, your kid’s feet are some of the most important parts of their body. That’s why they must be given proper attention. If you’ve noticed these things, they might be a sign that you need to bring them to a podiatrist now.

In a podiatry clinic, your kids will be properly assessed and treated. That’s why it’s your next best step if massages and home medication don’t work anymore.