Alniche Lifesciences launches gut health awareness campaign across hospitals


Being the therapy leader in the gastroenterology space, Alniche Lifesciences, one of the leading and fastest growing pharma companies of India has launched #GutHealthAwareness campaign across various hospitals in cooperation with KOL’s to spread awareness and improve the understanding of the patients related to the gastrointestinal issues like constipation.

December being a constipation awareness month, this campaign highlights the fact that constipation sufferers are concerned about the condition, however very few are willing to discuss it with their immediate family or friends due to the “social taboo”. Most are shy about seeking medical help to solve their problem. There are some sufferers who have never treated constipation and some have resorted to home remedies to treat the condition.

Gastrointestinal issues can be the main driver of numerous other health issues including lung health and mental health. If we suffer from gastrointestinal issues, it becomes challenging to focus and perform well throughout everyday life. Having a healthy gut is key as it permits the body to build a stronger immune system.

Dr. Anil Verma, consultant gastroenterologist, Sarvodya Hospital Ghaziabad says, “People often neglect constipation and delay seeking medical help. By leading a healthy lifestyle, eating right, embracing physical exercises, and having ample water to keep the body hydrated constipation can be avoided.”

Girish Arora, founder & MD Alniche Lifesciences said, “Due to faulty diet and lifestyle habits, the problem of constipation is rising in India, especially in urban population. We want to create a healthcare ecosystem that enables people to live fuller lives by launching such multipronged education campaigns”.