Hydreight Technologies Launches Updated Telehealth App for Mobile Wellness


Hydreight Technologies Inc., a fast-growing telehealth platform and medical network, is pleased to announce the launch of its updated Hydreight Wellness App.

The Hydreight platform makes it possible for nurses and other licensed healthcare professionals across the U.S. to monetize their credentials and deliver health and wellness services independently, on their own terms. The platform has shown continuous growth month over month, adding nearly 650 of these business accounts in 2022 alone, a sixfold increase over 2021.

“This update delivers both aesthetic and functional upgrades with improved performance, usability, reporting, and overall functionality for both patients and service providers,” said Shane Madden, CEO of Hydreight. “We set out to create the infrastructure to make mobile healthcare and wellness a reality. Patients can find and book services as easily as they order an Uber or a DoorDash order, wherever they are, at their homes or on the road at their hotel.”

The Hydreight Wellness app update includes:

  • An improved booking experience that makes it easier for patients to schedule appointments
  • Monthly membership and subscription options that service providers can customize with one service or bundle of services to fit the needs of their patients
  • Enhanced onboarding support to make it easier to get up and running on the platform more quickly
  • Complete in-app training is now available for all user roles, with updates planned to accompany all future releases
  • Flexible payout dates can now be configured by the user, rather than being automatically set by the platform
  • Inventory management is now under the control of the user, making it easy for each service provider to add and remove inventory from their offering as desired

Hydreight supports a range of health and wellness professionals, making it possible for them to offer IV drip, Botox, COVID-19 testing, and other medical and med spa treatments all in the comfort of the patient’s home, office, hotel, or any other suitable location of their choosing.

“We have made it possible for healthcare to take place beyond the confines of hospitals and clinics,” added Madden. “With medical director oversight, access to a digital pharmacy, and compliance infrastructure deployed automatically by the platform, we are proud to be changing the lives of nurses and other health and wellness professionals, as well as the lives of their patients.”

Patients can download Hydreight from the Apple App store or Google Play Store, and prospective service providers can sign up at: Hydreight.com/start-a-business/

Hydreight Technologies Inc. is a telehealth platform and medical network that bridges the gap between provider compliance and patient convenience, empowering nurses, med spa technicians, and other licensed healthcare professionals to monetize their credentials and deliver services independently, on their own terms, or add mobile services to existing location-based operations. The network offers medical director oversight, liability insurance, HIPAA-compliant documentation, access to a digital pharmacy, and more. The platform includes a built-in, easy-to-use suite of fully-integrated tools for accounting, documentation, sales, inventory, booking, managing patient data, and more, making it possible to deliver fully-compliant mobile medicine across all 50 states.