Are grills safe for your teeth?


Grillz are mainly worn for fashion by the people in a busy buzzy world. Grillz are fun to wear, eye-catching and can have numerous designs like the famous Ryan Lochte’s American flag from 2012.

But not every fashionable accessory is comfortable to carry. Neither you can be sure about it’s safety. Especially when you are wearing something on your teeth, it’s natural for you to be a little suspicious about its safety.

But don’t worry, you are in the right place with your query. To know if grills are safe for your teeth or not, we have to get an overall idea about this jewellery. So let’s begin with that.

What are grills?

Grillz are mainly diamond or gold made fake teeth that are worn onto your teeth surface. They can be made from many metals or stones other than diamond or gold, but as seen, these two are the most popular of the lot.

Grills are a replacement for broken teeth.

Grillz can be worn as both temporary covers or a permanent teeth replacement. The visual representation from the outside is very different from how they look on your teeth though.

Why do rappers wear grills?

Grillz are basically a symbol of status invented by the ancient Mayans who would drill jade into their teeth. Hurts! Isn’t it? Dentists place the grillz around the teeth instead of drilling them.

Rappers wear grills to:
  1. To replace broken teeth.
  2. To make a unique style statement.
  3. Or, to flaunt wealth?
  4. Or as per their choice. Can’t argue!

History of grills

Grillz derived this popularity in recent times, but is nothing out of the world. It has been part of the culture for decades since 1980’s when famous rappers like Raheem the Dream or Kilo Ali used them. It was first brought up in the sound and later being brought to New York by the jeweler Eddie’s Gold Teeth and rappers like Slick Rick and Afrika Bambaataa started using them.

Grillz was not so popular before. The trend started to fade out in many countries but is still found in Houston and Memphis. The explosion of Dirty South rap from the likes of Ludacris and Lil’ Jon brought grillz back into fashion.

In 2005 an ode to grillz was a mega hit by Paul Wall titled “Grillz” which had many rappers featured like Nelly, Ali and Big Gipp and brought back the fashion.

Through many years, grillz gained a lot of popularity. Many female rappers, actresses and models, like Rhianna, Rita Ora, and Cara Delevigne started using them and made it famous.

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte started using grillz which was designed like the American flag in 2012 on national TV and it increased the trend.

Are grills good for your teeth?

People usually get tense about whether the grillz are safe for use or not. It usually depends on how you keep them and handle them.

So, it is a yes if you want grills for your teeth but with a few caveats.

But a couple of these common risk factors arise when you decide to wear a grills on your teeth:

  1. Some allergic reaction cases do pop up dealing with material of grills, or cavities, gum disease and bone loss. This usually happens when a non-professional dentist manufactures the grillz instead of a professional dentist.
  2. If your grills are not properly fitting your teeth, or they keep knocking, then there are quite good chances that you are going to peel off the enamel of your teeth.
  3. Next, if you don’t remove your grills before meals and bedtime, then the leftovers of food items are definitely going to cause bacterial growth and tooth infection. This is one of the most common reasons why people who wear grills complain of bad breath.
  4. Plus, if your grills are too tight, then you will invite headache and migraine too.

But in the end, all these concerns come down to your maintenance of dental health and hygiene.

How well are you taking care of your oral health? Are you wearing your grills properly? Do you know the correct technique of cleaning your grills?

All these things play a vital role in the final decision of whether or not girls are safe to wear.

And if you’ve decided to wear grills on your teeth, let’s check how to wear them the right way:

How to Wear Grillz the Right way?

  1. Make sure that you have cleansed your mouth thoroughly. The cleaning process should involve brushing, flossing, and tongue cleaning. Plus you should be maintaining a habit of brushing your teeth twice a day.
  2. The next step would be to ensure that your grills are properly cleaned and free from germs. You can boil your grills in hot water, clean it with a brush, and gently rub it with a soft cloth to pat dry and give it a mild polish. If you are using a cleanser, then make sure it is a non abrasive cleanser.
  3. Position your grills on the right spot of your teeth line. Do not rush and hurt yourself while fixing the grills. Make sure that the fit is comfortable.

How Much Does Grillz Cost?

The cost of Grills can be as low as a few hundreds, and it can go up to dozens of thousands.

The cost basically depends on the quality of the metal or the stone that you are using. For example an 18k gold grillz is going to cost more than a 14k gold grillz.

Just like other branded items, even grills can be pricey, just because they belong to a top notch brand, whereas only time will tell if the quality is top notch or not.

The price of your grills also depends on whether you are purchasing custom made grills or mass-produced grills. Basically, a custom-made grillz would be moulded after taking the measurement of your teeth. It would be uniquely designed for you in a very personalized manner. The fit is going to be perfect because the manufacturer has taken a note of your measurement.

Whereas if you go on picking up from the mass produced grills, it would be difficult for you to find the right fit for yourself.