AstraZeneca and Institut Kanser Negara Partner for AI Lung Screening


Their partnership revolves around the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) x-ray technology into the early lung screening procedures conducted at government clinics and hospitals, ultimately benefiting patients by improving the efficiency and accuracy of early detection and diagnosis of lung abnormalities. This initiative is part of the Projek Saringan Awal Paru-Paru (SAPU) programme.

Projek SAPU aims to act as a catalyst, driving the adoption of AI x-ray screening across government healthcare facilities. It promotes early screening for lung abnormalities, advances lung care research, and expands access to this cutting-edge technology. The ultimate goal is to detect more patients in the early stages of cancer and other lung conditions, reducing the screening gap.

Through this partnership, advanced AI technology is integrated into the process of early lung screening, facilitating the detection of various lung conditions, not limited to just lung cancer. Moreover, this partnership with AstraZeneca holds the potential to alleviate the burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) through early diagnosis.