B-LiFE deploys a mobile laboratory in the Piedmont Region of Italy to carry out COVID-19 tests with the support of ETELM


As one of the most severely affected places by COVID-19, the Government of the Piedmont Region in Italy requested that the B-LiFE (Biological Light Field Laboratory for Emergencies) service was deployed in the area since June to carry out vital COVID-19 diagnostic tests. Using its advanced mobile laboratory,the mission of the B-LiFE department was to carry out a large number of COVID-19 tests for first responders, civil protection, health personnel, police and volunteers.

The deployment of B-LiFE is led by the Centre for Applied Molecular Technologies of UCLouvain (Catholic University of Louvain) with the support of ESA (European Space Agency), the Luxembourg Government and its Ministry of Defence. B-LiFE’s partners in this humanitarian mission are Belgian companies Eonix and NazkaMapps, Luxembourgcompanies’ SES and GovSat, and French company ETELM.

B-LiFE was developed as part of the ESA Space Solutions programme (formerly known as IAP-ARTES 20), with the participation of Belgium and Luxembourg. The integration of satellite and terrestrial telecommunications, information management, earth observation, location management and real-time epidemiological mapping allows B-LiFE to be deployed very quickly, autonomously and as close as possible to a crisis zone.

Mobile laboratories have become extremely important during the COVID-19 pandemic. B-LiFE is one of the most advanced mobile laboratories in the world and has been operational since 2014 when it was successfully deployed in Guinea during the Ebola outbreak. It is integrated and certified in the European Civil Protection Mechanism (EUCPM).

ETELM, a partner of B-LiFE, has made a critical contribution to the initiative in supplying telecommunications services. It has enabled the integration of TETRA and LTE terrestrial telecommunications capabilities into the satellite terminal provided by SES, GovSat and the Luxembourg Ministry of Defence. This work was necessary to ensure full autonomy during acrisis situation and to enable interoperability with local emergency services.

ETELM’s 4GLinked Unified Mobile Platform has been successfully deployed and tested to support B-LiFE laboratory operations, including PMR TETRA and LTE base stations. ETELM’s participation in the B-LiFE mission in the Piedmont Region, and the successful use of its equipment and service,ensures the company’s ongoing partnership with B-LiFE.

ETELM is a French SME with a core expertise and a solid experience in providing innovative end-to-end Mission and Business Critical Radio Communications solutions.

ETELM has been designing, developing and manufacturing radio infrastructure for private fixed and tactical networks (PMR, TETRA and lately Mission Critical LTE) for more than 40 years. ETELM has developed an innovative 4GLinked solution that helps to seamlessly interconnect TETRA and LTE radio infrastructures into a single unified network for a smooth transition from narrowband to broadband communications. The 4GLinked concept can be applied to other technologies such as, for example, DMR. ETELM also specialises in Critical Communications Portable and In-vehicle Solutions that are quick and easy to deploy and enable users on the field to communicate efficiently across different technologies (4G, TETRA and Hybrid 4G+TETRA).

As a developer and manufacturer, ETELM invests continuously in the R&D activities and has the flexibility to provide tailored solutions in conformity with the ETSI/3GPP standards. ETELM works for Mission and Business Critical users that need secure and reliable communications.