Build Your Own Workout Routine With The Help Of This Guide


There are countless workout routines out there, each with pros and cons. Some are better for burning fat, some are better for gaining muscle, some are just silly workouts that don’t do anything at all, but one thing is certain: there isn’t a single perfect workout routine that works best for everyone. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to build your workout routine. In this article, we will explain the ways to build your workout routine to perfectly suit your needs.

Get Familiar With The the  Muscle Groups

As a beginner, working out single muscle groups can be pretty tedious. Your biceps need rest just as much as your deltoids do and working them both on the same day would just tire you out before having a chance to work each muscle. To avoid this dilemma, it’s important to get familiar with each muscle group and know which ones are working together in exercises so that you can adjust your workout accordingly. If you are working your gluteus muscles then you should also include working on your quadriceps and abdominals. Additionally, always try to work your larger muscles before working the smaller ones because working small muscles tires you out more. Within a week, try working out each muscle group once and see if working them together in some exercises would be more efficient.

Determine Your Goals

The first step towards designing a personalized workout routine is to determine your goals. There are three main ones, namely gaining muscle mass, losing fat, or gaining general strength. Let’s look at these three in detail so you can better determine which one applies to you.

Gaining Muscle Mass

Many people who want to get stronger and build muscles usually hit the gym hard by following some sort of heavyweight training that includes 4-5 exercises per body part twice a week (e.g. Monday and Thursday). This is what most fitness magazines recommend but this isn’t always enough for beginners. Your muscles will only grow as much as your body is capable of recovering from. So you either keep working out with very little volume (which leaves no room for growth) or do too much volume (which makes it impossible to recover). Therefore it is best to try working out three times per week on non-consecutive days of the week. That way you’ll get enough volume while still allowing enough time for recovery between workouts.

Losing Fat

For everyone who wants to lose weight or gain muscle while burning fat at the same time, several things play an important role. But first things first: what about cardio? Cardio works well for lowering your body fat percentage if done properly, however, it’s not necessary if you already eat healthily. You need to stay away from all processed and fried foods, eat lots of leafy greens and drink a couple of glasses of water every day. It is also important to take your time when working out! Rushing from one exercise to another won’t do you any good. You can lift weights for an hour if that’s what it takes!

General Strength

If working out for general strength is what you’re aiming at, then working out just once or twice a week should be enough. There may be some muscle groups that need more attention than others and it would only make sense to work those out more frequently. The best way to determine which muscles these are is by working them first. It doesn’t matter how many sets you do for working out a muscle group, as long as working it is first on your list.

Keep A Record Of Progress And Adjustments

Keeping a workout journal is important because it shows you what works and what doesn’t. But more importantly, working out without recording your progress will make your workouts less efficient as time goes by. That’s why it is recommended to take notes during and after every exercise and/or weight change (i.e. increase or decrease). This way you can track how far you’ve come and adjust your workout accordingly if need be.

Don’t Forget To Rest And Recover

Last but not least we want to emphasize the importance of recovery. For muscle fibers to grow bigger they first have to heal from the damage caused by working out so although working out 3 times a week might seem optimal at first glance, keep in mind that your muscles will only grow as fast as your body is capable of recovering! Rest periods play a crucial role in working out because working out with full intensity for more than an hour without proper rest periods between sets can cause you to lose muscle mass.

Making your workout routine doesn’t have to be a hard task. All you have to do is decide what your goal is and then follow our guidelines. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try working out different days until you find what works the best for you. Once you’ve found what you like, working out will soon become second nature to you. And when working out becomes a habit, you’ll love the changes working out brings in your life!