Can a Chiropractor Prevent Repetitive Motion Injuries?


When healthy and properly aligned, the human body is incredibly flexible and adaptable. It’s also capable of enduring a considerable amount of stress. That’s why some people are able to work at their computers all day long without developing carpal tunnel, and others routinely engage in bending and lifting activities without experiencing back, neck, or shoulder pain.

Unfortunately, when alignment issues already exist, even if they’re very mild, they can make even simple, everyday movements downright dangerous. Because chiropractors work with their clients to promote improved posture, better balance, and optimum spinal alignment, they can help to stave off common repetitive motion injuries.

Understanding the Chiropractic Philosophy

Chiropractors base much of their care upon the idea that the spine is both the body’s central supporting structure and the pathway by which all brain-to-nerve communication occurs. When the spine is properly aligned, important messages and signals can be delivered efficiently. When it is not, signals can be delayed or missed altogether. Spinal subluxations and other alignments that impact communication between the brain and the nerves can have widespread effects on a person’s health.

As the body’s central supporting structure, the spine also plays a key role in determining the safety and efficiency of movements across the entire musculoskeletal system. For instance, if a person has a pinched nerve in the lower back, this same individual is likely to develop stress and tension in the upper thighs as a result. This is because the leg muscles will need to compensate for the injured area.

With this in mind, if you have untreated spinal alignments, engaging in repetitive motions could both exacerbate these existing issues and place extra pressure on supporting muscles, ligaments and other nearby structures that are already overworked. In many instances, this is exactly how repetitive motion injuries are formed.

Chiropractors Can Design Integrated Plans for Improving Alignment

If you’ve been in a car accident and believe that you’ve managed to walk away unscathed, you may want to visit an auto injury center before returning to work. An in-depth assessment of the alignment of your spine may reveal issues that can both cause latent pain and increase your likelihood of secondary injuries. Before returning to your job to engage in heavy lifting or spend long hours sitting at a desk, you’ll want to make sure that both your spine and your entire musculoskeletal system are up for the challenge.

Treatment plans for improving spinal alignment after jarring, impact events like automobile accidents can include services like:

  • Inversion table therapy
  • Computer-assisted and manual adjustments
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Acupressure
  • Massage

The surest way to avoid further physical harm is by returning to repetitive motion activities only after proper alignment has been restored.

Patients Can Get Tips on Performing Repetitive Motions Safely

Chiropractors can also assist their patients in learning how to perform repetitive motion activities safely. They regularly share tips on preventing undue stress and protecting the body such as:

  • Using ergonomic work equipment
  • Never bending the knees beyond a 90-degree angle
  • Using the legs for proper lifting technique
  • Alternating between sitting and standing positions

Other recommended changes can include weight loss when excess body weight is putting substantial stress on the joints or bones, building strength in the core muscles to better support the spine, and eating a balanced diet that supports recovery and optimum health.

Improving your spinal alignment and adopting the right work and life habits can help you prevent injury. However in some instances, repetitive motions injuries are simply unavoidable. If you’ve recently been involved in any jarring, impact event, consulting with a chiropractor may help you avoid secondary or latent problems.