CardieX Subsidiary ATCOR Partners with Invaryant to Enable Clinical Trials with Advanced New AI Medical Technology


CardieX Limited, a global health technology company focused on patient-centric healthcare research and improving clinical trial patient outcomes announced a partnership between its ATCOR subsidiary and Invaryant, a data-driven health technology company that empowers individuals with precision AI to improve quality, equity and safety, and provides comprehensive, integrated, high quality data to accelerate research and innovation.

The new partnership will allow ATCOR and Invaryant to jointly conduct clinical trials and research on maternal health and cardiovascular disease.

In an effort to improve patient outcomes across clinical trials and healthcare research, the partnership will primarily focus on the integration of digital vascular biomarkers using ATCOR’s SphygmoCor® technology into Invaryant’s health platform, thereby enabling a more patient-focused monitoring of hypertensive disorders that signal risk factors across multiple therapeutic areas (including maternal health and cardiovascular diseases, the leading cause of global deaths and disability according to the CDC). Together, ATCOR and Invaryant are redefining patient-centric monitoring by integrating a collection of digital vascular biomarkers which will seamlessly correlate with imaging and molecular biomarkers in order to better understand and personalize a patient’s vascular health.

Clinical trials and healthcare research has shifted to a focus on prevention through monitoring the patient and evaluating clinically relevant digital biomarkers that signal a patient’s progress and risk through a treatment program. The continuous monitoring of digital vascular biomarkers enhances therapeutic efficacy at the patient level by individualizing care and/or interventions that can reduce adverse events. The benefits are a decreased overall time frame and lower costs for clinical trials.

The “Pulse”, a new device from CardieX subsidiary CONNEQT, will provide advanced arterial health metrics to users from the comfort of their own home. Pulse was developed as a primary decentralized clinical trial device to enhance patient monitoring. Pulse will integrate with Invaryant’s health platform for a holistic perspective of patient care with EMR data, imaging data, molecular data, and other relevant clinical data. Invaryant’s Inara – a personable AI bot designed to support patients and increase patient engagement – offers over 150 language preferences to support global clinical trials in nearly every region of the world.

“CardieX is advancing patient-centric clinical trials and healthcare research by collecting personalized digital vascular biomarker data to help us understand the most challenging aspects of human health and disease. I am thrilled to have Invaryant as our partner. Together, our combined technologies will create a global real world data platform integrating vascular health monitoring data to fundamentally understand the cause of disease,” said Toni R. Hofhine, President of CardieX subsidiary ATCOR Medical.

“It’s exciting to see patient-driven technologies expand and enhance decentralized clinical trial outcomes. The ATCOR and Invaryant partnership will integrate the best in personalized vascular biometric monitoring with Inara’s advanced AI and machine learning (ML) to help educate patients about their vascular health and improve patient reported outcomes. I’m excited to leverage our combined technologies for the best patient experience and access to the most meaningful data”, said Craig Cooper, Group CEO of the CardieX companies.

“Our passion at Invaryant is to provide a platform that ensures everyone has access to the right medical data at the right time,” said Ramon Dempers, CEO of Invaryant. “There is no doubt in my mind that the data from CardieX will save lives and we are proud to be a part of integrating that data into our platform for both clinical and research purposes.”