CarePort Care Management First to Support Change Healthcare InterQual AutoReview


Change Healthcare announced that CarePort Health, a leader in discharge planning and utilization review, has become the first provider partner to fully integrate the Change Healthcare InterQual Connect™ and InterQual AutoReview™ products into its Care Management application and into the workflow of its users.

With this functionality, CarePort customers can now receive automated medical reviews sent straight to their Care Management workflow, thereby reducing administrative burden and allowing more time for managing patient care. CarePort was acquired by Allscripts in 2016.

InterQual AutoReview is a SaaS, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) application that automates the InterQual medical review by extracting clinical data directly from leading EHRs. The completed review is then transmitted directly to InterQual Connect’s Medical Review Service, integrated within the CarePort Care Management system. The result is that users of CarePort Care Management gain automated, evidence-based clinical decision support within their workflow, helping ensure that patients receive the most appropriate care while freeing clinicians from the burden of manual medical reviews.

“With InterQual AutoReview now available to all CarePort customers, we’re not only transforming utilization management, but impacting the entire clinical delivery process,” said Jackie Mitus, M.D., general manager and senior vice president of Decision Support with Change Healthcare. “This integration eases the administrative burden through automation and delivers evidence-based decision support within the clinician’s workflow, helping to improve care quality and reduce cost.”

Along with enabling InterQual AutoReview, InterQual Connect Medical Review Service provides CarePort customers with a new, enhanced InterQual user interface plus additional value by ensuring that they have access to the most current clinical criteria—available as soon as they are published to the cloud—as well as custom policies published by connected payers.

“With this integration, CarePort customers are now able to create automated medical reviews and add them to their Care Management workflow, reducing administrative burden and increasing quality patient care,” said Lissy Hu, CarePort CEO and founder. “CarePort is committed to providing value to providers and payers as we continue to innovate and invest in CarePort Care Management.”

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