Delphi Research Group Enhances COVIDcast With Change Healthcare COVID-19 De-Identified Claims Data


Change Healthcare and Carnegie Mellon University’s Delphi Research Group today announced the launch of Delphi’s enhanced COVIDcast real-time COVID-19 indicators.

Since April, Delphi has been collecting real-time data on self-reported COVID-19 symptoms and other disease indicators nationwide. This county-level information about the coronavirus pandemic is updated continuously and shared with both the public and health researchers. Now, COVIDcast is taking a further step by adding de-identified COVID-19 claims from Change Healthcare to its unique combination of survey, testing, and mobility data.

“Tracking and forecasting the spread of a novel disease such as COVID-19 is a challenging task that requires new types and sources of data,” said Ryan Tibshirani, co-director of the Delphi Research Group. “We are always evaluating our data streams and looking at ways of filling gaps in our knowledge. Change Healthcare has stepped up in the biggest way possible to give us crucial information for understanding the current state of the pandemic. We are extremely appreciative of their contributions to our effort.”

As a preeminent research university, Carnegie Mellon leverages its leadership in machine learning, statistics, and data science, as well as its partnership with The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to offer a more complete and real-time picture of COVID-19 than previously possible. Its Delphi Research Group works to advance the theory and practice of epidemic forecasting. Now enhanced with Change Healthcare’s de-identified claims, COVIDcast helps researchers better understand the pandemic’s impact at the community level by providing comprehensive, geographically detailed, and continuously updated indicators of pandemic activity. Understanding the impact of the pandemic on individual communities helps researchers learn patterns and identify trends that will make it possible to improve patient treatment within each community. The data used by COVIDcast is de-identified in accordance with HIPAA privacy regulations.

“Delphi group’s vision is to make epidemiological forecasting as universally accepted and useful as weather forecasting,” said Tim Suther, senior vice president of Data Solutions at Change Healthcare. “The addition of de-identified COVID-19 claims from Change Healthcare allows COVIDcast to present a more complete, multi-dimensional picture of the pandemic and its impact.”

Change Healthcare operates one of the nation’s largest datasets of de-identified claims and remittances. For details on how authorized healthcare stakeholders can use de-identified, aggregated data to help solve some of healthcare’s biggest problems, visit the Healthcare Data and Analytics Solutions site or contact the Change Healthcare sales team.

About Delphi Research Group

Headquartered at Carnegie Mellon University, the Delphi Research Group was founded in 2012 to advance the theory and practice of epidemic forecasting. Beginning in March 2020, we refocused efforts towards combating the COVID-19 pandemic by supporting informed decision-making at federal, state, and local levels of government and in the healthcare sector. Our primary efforts include (i) comprehensive, validated, geographically detailed, and continuously updated indicators of pandemic activity and its impact; (ii) short-term forecasts of epidemic spread and healthcare demand; and (iii) interactive visualizations to make this information available to the wider public.

About Change Healthcare

Change Healthcare is a leading independent healthcare technology company, focused on insights, innovation, and accelerating the transformation of the U.S. healthcare system through the power of the Change Healthcare Platform. We provide data and analytics-driven solutions to improve clinical, financial, administrative, and patient engagement outcomes in the U.S. healthcare system.