Drug diversion and compliance experts join ANiGENT’s Board of Advisors


Three drug diversion prevention influencers — Pamela Mergens, M.D.; Simone Cummings, M.H.A., Ph.D.; and global life sciences executive Neal Long — have recently joined ANiGENT’s Board of Advisors (BOA). They will provide insights that will help the company identify and fine tune the future drivers of growth to accelerate ANiGENT’s success.

ANiGENT is the first and only software provider to deliver a comprehensive solution that

helps facilities track and monitor potential drug diversion among all users and all drugs in all locations. Its proprietary drug prevention software is the result of a collaboration with Mayo Clinic.

“We’re pleased to welcome these remarkable individuals to our board,” said V.C. Jun Fabella, Jr., chief executive officer and managing partner of ANiGENT. “Their participation comes at an exciting time as we drive our business strategy forward to fulfill our purpose of helping organizations keep patients safe.”

Dr. Mergens, Dr. Cummings, and Long all present unique expertise that will serve ANiGENT well. Dr. Mergens is an anesthesiologist who is affiliated with the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Az. She is currently involved in drug diversion prevention as chair of the healthcare facility’s committee and the director of the anesthesiology program. She has also partaken in many drug diversion cases and presented at conferences and meetings.

Dr. Cummings is dean of the Walker School of Business and Technology at Webster University, St. Louis. A proven leader, she has conducted multiple studies focusing on the impact of drug diversion among healthcare professionals. She is also a board member of the St. Louis Regional Health Commission.

Neal Long is the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of ConsortiEX, a highly innovative Healthcare IT software and services company aimed at health system pharmacy compounding and supply chain. A business transformation expert, Long has spent the past 12 years guiding startup companies to be success driven. He also has experience working with industry giants, such as GE, Marquette and Phillips.

“Plans are in place to expand the BOA membership as ANiGENT continues its growth trajectory,” noted Fabella. “In the meantime, these individuals will be invaluable in broadening ANiGENT’s horizons. Their insights will lead to new thinking related to key business and technology domains.”

ANiGENT is the only company that delivers a comprehensive software solution that can track and monitor all users and drugs at any location to prevent occurrences of drug diversion. The patent-pending software is based on the Medication Administration & Analysis Program (MAAP), a solution that Mayo Clinic has used at its own facilities. MAAP will leverage machine-learning algorithms to:

• Continually capture and analyze data
• Rapidly identify and prevent drug diversion
• Pinpoint areas that need process improvement


ANiGENT, the result of a collaborative partnership with the Mayo Clinic, is a new company that delivers a comprehensive, patent-pending solution based on Medication Administration & Analysis Program (MAAP). Created by chief product officer and managing partner Charles D’Amato, MAAP Analytics uses machine learning to deliver a state-of-the-art drug diversion surveillance system.