Fujitsu and Tokai National Higher Education and Research System Announce Partnership for Healthcare and Space Tech Research


Fujitsu and Tokai National Higher Education and Research System (THERS) announced the signing of a partnership to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGs) and the realization of Society 5.0 through initiatives in the fields of healthcare and space technology.

As part of their partnership, Fujitsu and THERS will work toward the realization of a wellbeing society through the creation of a virtuous cycle model of community-based health and medical care in the Japanese Tokai region. To improve local health services and contribute to the resolution of various societal issues, Fujitsu and THERS will leverage life design research results of THERS’ Center for Research, Education, and Development for Healthcare Life Design (C-REX) and advanced technologies including an electronic medical record system developed by Fujitsu Japan and Fujitsu’s AI technologies.

The two parties will further collaborate on the development of space technologies including systems for space weather forecasting to solve challenges related to human exploration of outer space. To enable more precise countermeasures to various weather phenomena in space, Fujitsu and THERS will leverage world-class space weather prediction models and satellite and ground observation databases of the Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research (hereinafter ISEE) at Nagoya University and Fujitsu’s supercomputing technology for large-scale simulations and AI based data analysis technologies