Grant introduces new range of digital, analogue ultrasonic benchtop baths


Grant Instruments (, a world-renowned supplier of scientific, life sciences and data acquisition products, has unveiled an advanced range of high quality, robust, fully-featured digital and analogue ultrasonic benchtop baths. The baths are designed to meet the growing need for reliable ultrasonic cleaning in laboratories and across pharmaceutical, medical, healthcare and industrial applications.

The new range consists of five digital ultrasonic baths (XUB range), ranging in size from 4.5 to 25 litre working capacity versions, and two analogue ultrasonic baths (XUBA range), available in 1.5 and 2.5 litre working capacity versions. Offering exceptional value-for-money, all the baths come supplied with stainless steel baskets, ergonomic plastic (ABS) lids and M2 detergent solution and offer a 2-year warranty as standard.

The XUB digital range boasts many new features including frequency LEAP technology which significantly improves ultrasonic cleaning results by reducing dead spots and standing waves throughout the tank. Using advanced software and ultrasonic generators, the XUB baths use frequency LEAP technology to create a pseudo-random leaping action between a wider frequency range. This delivers improved cleaning results when compared with frequency sweep technology, for example, as it delivers more homogenous cavitational activity throughout the tank.

The XUB digital baths are also fitted with an integral SD port which provides digital validation and traceability of every ultrasonic cycle. When the supplied SD card is plugged into the port, the set cycle parameters and cycle results are immediately saved on the card for easy transfer to a PC. The digital LCD control panel on the XUB range also allows accurate control of time (0-99 mins), temperature (ambient +5°C to 70°C), degas mode and the fluid level sensor.

Nathan Neal, director of sales and marketing at Grant Instruments, said: "Ultrasonic baths have been used in the healthcare sector for a number of years for decontaminating surgical instruments but with the increased focus on stringent infection control we are now seeing more and more use of ultrasonic baths in laboratories and across other sectors.

"Our new ultrasonic range, in particular the digital baths with their improved cleaning results, validation and traceability features, are designed to meet our customers’ needs and deliver the consistency in critical cleaning that is a prerequisite for so many of today’s applications."

Grant’s XUBA analogue range is designed for use in environments where only small items are to be processed and complex controls are not required, for example, in medical and healthcare surgeries, tattooists and chiropodists.

The Grant XUB and XUBA ultrasonic baths complement Grant’s Aqua Plus family of unstirred, shaking and boiling water baths and its Optima™ series of stirred thermostatic baths and heating circulators and form part of Grant’s comprehensive range of scientific products. This includes block heaters and coolers, baths/circulators and re-circulating chillers, and under the Grant-bio brand, thermoshakers, rockers, rotators and shakers, centrifuges and vortex mixers.