Hexaware launches CarrotCube for healthcare organisations


Hexaware Technologies has launched the new CarrotCube, a suite of tailor-built solutions for healthcare organisations to transition to new models that serve as the basis for Population Health Management (PHM).

CarrotCube, which has been built on Salesforce Health Cloud, leverages new cloud platforms and connected consumer devices and virtually acts as a booster dose for delivery of next-generation healthcare services.

The new patient engagement and population health management application creates a 360-degree view of the patient’s medical profile.

It has a roadmap to build the PHM suite of solutions such as patient engagement portal, patient-centred care management, data integration and governance and intelligence insights and reporting, in coming releases.

Hexaware Technologies Healthcare global head Milan Bhatt said: “As digital disruption takes centerstage, healthcare organisations will need to stay ahead of the curve.

“Hexaware can bring the capabilities of patient engagement on wearables to induce a cultural change. Our effort continues to digitise traditional business models in the foreseeable future.”

Serving as an omnichannel patient engagement platform, CarrotCube combines a unified patient view, evidence-based care management, risk stratification and quality analytics.

The application is powered by the Salesforce Lightning Framework and extends Health Cloud’s capabilities in areas such as engaging patient U/X using Community Cloud.

CarrotCube is a mobile-ready application for connected devices and is accessible and compatible across many devices, including voice-enabled personal assistance devices and wearables.

Using the application, healthcare providers will be able to monitor patient health trends, analyse patterns and minimise emergencies faster.

Furthermore, CarrotCube can capture and analyse clinical and personal data from wearables and harness new features such as ease-of-use, self-care, real-time monitoring and personalisation.