Houston Concierge Medicine Partners With Cardio Diagnostics to Offer the Epi+Gen CHD Test in Their Executive Health Program


Cardio Diagnostics Holdings Inc, a leading precision cardiovascular diagnostics company, and Houston Concierge Medicine, a leading medical practice serving executives and health-forward consumers in Houston, announced the use of Cardio Diagnostics’ Epi+Gen CHD test. This test, which combines epigenetics, genetics, high-throughput computing, and AI to identify those at risk for coronary heart disease, is now available to Houston Concierge Medicine patients as part of their Executive Health Program.

Executive physicals are becoming more common as employers recognize the long-term value of preventive care and wellness for their executives. Executive physicals are important employee benefits because they provide employers with the opportunity to promote health and wellness among key employees. They can help identify and address potential health risks before they become serious, reducing medical costs and absenteeism over time.

“We are excited to partner with Dr. Burzynski and the Houston Concierge Medicine,” said Dr. Dogan. “We’ve seen many innovative and agile providers in the concierge medicine space lead the adoption curve with respect to Epi+Gen CHD. The use of epigenomics to drive precise and personalized health decisions for their busy patients is being driven forward by organizations like Houston Concierge Medicine.”

“At Houston Concierge Medicine, we’re committed to providing our patients with best-in-class diagnostic solutions. And since heart disease is top of mind for so many of our clients who work in fast-paced, stressful environments, the addition of Epi+Gen CHD will enable our practice to provide patients with objective and non-invasive tests to determine their risk for heart disease. We’re proud to partner with Cardio Diagnostics,” said Dr. Greg Burzynski.