Important Nutrients To Help Maintain A Healthy Body


The human body is a complex, mysterious and impressive thing. We rarely stop and take a second to celebrate ourselves and be thankful for how many different actions our bodies perform on a daily basis without us even realising. There’s many reasons as to why human beings need to sleep every night and that’s due to how hard our body is working during the day.

Especially in today’s world and working climate, our bodies are put through serious amounts of stress and work as we try to navigate through the pressures and demands of life in 2021. This last year has seen stress levels increase worldwide and the way we all operate has changed.

Given how many different aspects of human life we have to nurture and manage, it’s no surprise people fall ill left right and centre. Sometimes things get too much and it’s hard to handle. These days we are judged by our work performance, physical appearance, the relationships we have in our lives and more. Our bodies need to intake the right amount of nutrients in order to keep up with the hustle and bustle of today.

The goal with finding balance through supplying our bodies with the right stuff is homeostasis, the condition of optimal function and state of steady internal physical and chemical operations. Many of us don’t realise it, but what it actually takes just to feel happy and healthy within ourselves is a monumental task and one that our bodies work tirelessly to achieve.

Mindfulness and self awareness have increased for the vast majority of people in recent years and for good measure. Knowing what your body needs in order to succeed across the board and allow you to hit your personal goals, is a sure-fire way to ensure you get the fuel you need and don’t fall behind in the ongoing rat race.

If you are currently feeling like things have gotten away from you and want to take back control of your health and goals, don’t worry too much. With the right education and inspiration, you can do anything you want and catapult yourself and your goals forward. Understanding what can offer you might be the first step in the right direction. All you need is a little bit of insight into what might work for you, then implement the bits you feel comfortable with.

So What Are The Important Nutrients I Need To Maintain A Healthy Body?

Let’s go through the key nutrients that you need for your body to create that homeostasis we’re looking for and whilst reading this, you could maybe take notes and then think about how you can implement enough of these things into your everyday life.


The way that protein has become such a core part of so many people’s lives and something that is discussed so widely is amazing. Chances are you or someone you know takes a protein supplement on a regular basis or focuses their eating on foods which are high in protein. The reason for this is it’s power to help muscle recovery after workouts and exercise. Millions of people aim to build muscle every single day and any shortcut or fast track it welcomed with open arms.

Not just this, but every cell from bone to skin and hair, contains protein. Protein provides the building blocks for almost everything.


This is another word which is thrown around and used by so many people constantly, and for obvious reasons. Carbohydrates are essentially fuel for your body and are found in everyday items such as bread, milk, popcorn, spaghetti and many other different foods.

These sources of carbs are then broken down by the body into glucose which is used to produce a fuel molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Our cells then use ATP for various metabolic tasks.


For years fats have gained a bad reputation as something that if we eat, will help us put on weight, become ‘fat’ and eventually unhealthy. However, research has shown that supplying our bodies with some fats can help support many of our key bodily functions such as vitamin and mineral absorption, blood clotting, building cells and muscle movement. These sound like good things which we want to support right?


This may be an obvious one but a lot of people aren’t actually drinking enough water on a daily basis, which can be especially bad for health as we approach the summer months. Water is essential for every system in your body and something that allows your brain function and mood to prosper at the highest level. Make sure you’re drinking enough water!


In terms of staying healthy and fighting off illnesses, vitamins are the ones you want in your corner. There are 13 main vitamins that are essential for optimum wellness and not getting enough of them can lead to disease and suffering. Many people turn to supplements to ensure their intake is meeting the standards their body needs to continue performing.


As is the same with vitamins, minerals play a big part in supporting and building a healthy body. They allow many functions to happen smoothly such as building strong bones and teeth, regulating metabolism and staying hydrated. If you want to become well-rounded and give yourself the best possible chance of feeling great, minerals are a must.

The question you need to ask yourself is how much you really want a healthy body, then create a real action plan to achieve it. We all need roadmaps in our lives and by understanding what we need, we can build out those plans and seek advice where necessary. It’s a strange thing the human body in the sense that all these key functions we rely on so badly are performed without us seeing them, like some form of invisible force. However that force is incredibly powerful and if you really want to get everything that life has to offer, you need to take care of yourself first and foremost.