Keane Healthcare Solutions Division announces partnership with Ormed Information Systems


Keane, Inc., a U.S.-based IT services and healthcare technology firm, announced a partnership between its Healthcare Solutions Division (HSD) and Ormed Information Systems, Ltd. against the backdrop of the Healthcare Financial Management Annual National Institute conference (HFMA ANI). Ormed is a leading supplier of human resources, supply chain, E-commerce, and accounting management software, and is entering their 21st year in supporting only the healthcare industry. By combining the ORMED MIS™ (Management Information Systems) offering from Ormed with the popular Keane Optimum™ solution, clients and prospects will receive an expanded IT suite that improves clinical decision-making, enhances patient care and satisfaction, and advances financial performance.

With healthcare facilities across the nation migrating toward electronic record keeping, the process of utilizing multiple systems to manage finances and reconcile patient information is becoming more onerous than ever before. Today’s healthcare IT departments seek out end-to-end solutions that enable comprehensive and cohesive financial management. The Keane – Ormed partnership gives acute care hospitals across the nation access to a solution that improves efficiency and financial control and helping to deliver peace of mind.

"In addition to patient care responsibilities, Keane HSD clients have to be equally attentive to their most important resource – their employees – and must ensure their organization remains financially sound," said Walt Kaczor, senior vice president of Keane’s Healthcare Solutions Division. "Our new partnership with Ormed enables Keane to expand the Optimum product offering beyond the scope of patient management, EHR, and clinical applications. Our clients now have access to a single, yet comprehensive, IT solution that manages all aspects of facility operations—both clinically- and financially-focused."

Keane Optimum provides clients a powerful suite of software designed exclusively for the healthcare environment and eliminates the expense associated with managing discrete IT solutions. Ormed MIS is in its fourth generation of software with robust general accounting applications and fully Internet-enabled e-commerce services with years of historical data from which to draw. By leveraging the unique attributes of each offering, Ormed and Keane are able to accommodate a broader client set than ever before.

"We see great value in our new partnership with Keane," said Chris Sherback, president and CEO of Ormed. "Our corporate strategies are perfectly aligned and our product lines complement each other in such a way that we are able to bring significant value to existing clients and the market as a whole. We look forward to working with Keane and welcoming their clients into the Ormed family."