Kettering Hospital rolls out new clinical system software


It has been piloted in two Covid-19 wards and is now being rolled out throughout the hospital, with over 45,000 patient/board transactions already chalked up.

The software is a new part of System C’s CareFlow integrated electronic patient record and takes real time feeds from the trust’s patient administration and clinical systems, along with providing a live picture of capacity.

Information displays bed status, clinical data, outstanding tasks and discharge plans in one view, creates a real time picture of bed usage and demand, and visibility of expected arrivals.

Andy Callow, chief digital officer at Kettering General Hospital, said: “As a trust we are harnessing our information to know more in real time so we can make better decisions and improve outcomes for our patients. At any given time, we will have a system-wide bed status at our fingertips and our capacity planning will be improved in turn.”

The roll out is pat of the trust’s 10-year digital transformation plan.