Merge Healthcare patners with Biotronics3D, Ltd to distribute advanced imaging applications


Merge Healthcare, a leading health IT solutions provider, announced the addition of three Biotronics3D applications to its eFilm eCommerce channel: Diagnostic 3D, Vessel Review and Colon Review. Each module brings fast access to an array of advanced visualization tools that assist in non-invasive viewing and diagnosing of medical conditions. All three modules are currently available via a free trial software download from the Merge Web site.

“Collaborating with Merge Healthcare allows us to introduce these powerful applications to the global eFilm Workstation community, which we believe is a market that values robust, cost-effective and user-friendly applications,” says Harry Hatzakis, CEO of Biotronics3D. “Just as these applications will benefit the clinician and the patient, this joint effort brings health care decision makers worldwide access to the latest diagnostic and analytic tools.”

“The availability of these advanced applications through the eFilm Web site is certain to ensure new growth of eFilm’s global customer base and strengthen our position within certain specialty markets,” adds Nancy Koenig, President of Merge’s Fusion business unit. “We expect that the free trial period, the choice of annual or perpetual licenses, and the training and support eFilm provides will be well received. We look forward to offering additional Biotronics3D applications as they become available.”

The Biotronics3D modules, available at, can be deployed enterprise-wide through a simple software download, and without the need for specialized hardware or bandwidth capabilities. Each visualization module includes a unique core design with enhanced memory, and uses advanced algorithms and histograms to analyze regions of interest. Other features include intuitive analysis tools and a customizable user interface for optimal user efficiency.