Most Common Types Of Personal Injuries


Numerous different injuries fall under the vast legal category of personal injury. 

A personal injury case is established when one individual is hurt due to another person’s carelessness or intentional behavior. Most personal injury lawsuits are settled out of court, but trials happen periodically. Or, more likely, parties often opt for a method that falls between a trial and a settlement: mediation or arbitration.

Personal injury cases come in various types, from common slip and fall accident injuries to car accidents. 

There are also variations in the claims of different types of personal injuries. Some of these cases occur frequently, and the consequences are minor, so not much money is usually claimed. Other situations, however, have hundreds of parties and millions of dollars in the claim.

Below is a list of the most common types of personal injuries where the injured can file a complaint and demand compensation. 

Auto Accident Injury

A person may be entitled to pursue compensation for injuries if they sustain harm due to a car accident but aren’t at fault. 

The plaintiffs must have a police report outlining the accident’s circumstances, insurance information, and medical records outlining their injuries from the accident.

If you ever become a victim of an auto accident injury, then you should at least have a basic idea of how to go about handling it.  At the sight of the accident, your priority should be your health. After all the medical necessities are taken care of, you can file for compensation from your car insurance company. 

To help you with this process of filing a complaint and seeking compensation, you should consult an auto/car accident attorney.  

Wrongful Death

As the name suggests, a “wrongful death” case can be filed when someone has died due to someone else’s negligence. Most wrongful death lawsuits result from vehicle or truck accidents, nursing home neglect, medical negligence, work-related accidents, aviation mishaps, or the usage of harmful or faulty products. 

When someone dies, a “wrongful death” lawsuit entitles the family members of the deceased to seek damages that are distinct from those offered in cases of non-fatal injuries.

Slip and Fall Accidents

People who suffer injuries after slipping and falling on public or private land may be eligible for financial compensation. 

Personal injury claims involving slips and falls sometimes hinge on the environment’s safety. 

Moreover, a victim’s case is further supported and strengthened if the property was surprisingly or unreasonably unsafe to others. 

But one thing to be kept in mind in cases of slip and fall accidents is that the victim should make the insurance company or the judge and the jury believe that the injury is caused because of negligence on someone else’s part. This is important for the victim to claim compensation.

Product Liability

A person may be qualified to file a claim for damages if they get injuries while using a defective product. Some injuries are excluded from the category of product liability, such as those brought on by “unavoidably dangerous” products.

Medical Malpractice

Negligence on the part of those practicing medicine, like nurses, doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals, can and frequently results in serious injury. 

These types of injuries are classified as medical malpractices. There are many types of medical negligence, including surgical errors, improper treatment, pharmacy errors, drug errors, birth injuries (errors committed during childbirth), and failure to detect cancer or other serious health conditions. 

A medical malpractice attorney’s expertise is required due to the complexity of medical negligence litigation. 

If a medical professional caused you harm or caused the death of a loved one, you must retain the services of a knowledgeable attorney. This attorney will be able to evaluate any potential carelessness immediately and, if necessary, aggressively pursue legal action to bring the guilty person accountable.

Premises Liability

Accidents classified as “premises liability” occur when a dangerous or defective condition exists on another person’s property. 

These accidents can occur almost everywhere, including in private or public swimming pools and industrial structures like supermarkets, petrol stations, restaurants, malls, and retail establishments. 

Any hazardous or faulty circumstances, such as tripping over something, slipping on something, getting bit by a dog, or falling down a stairway without a handrail, can give rise to a “premises liability” claim. 

Such a hazardous or defective situation must be documented immediately after the accident.


These are the most common types of personal injuries that people face. Awareness about the same is very crucial so that you know when you can claim these and seek redressal. However, one should also not take these cases lightly and should consult a lawyer as soon as one finds themselves in any of the above situations to seek proper redressal.