Natural Ways to Deal With Stress


Whatever you’re working, one thing is sure — the amount of stress you’re dealing with is probably higher than it should be. Three out of four people feel stressed out once or more per month.

This is due to many factors, but our modern day-to-day is definitely the main culprit. Yet, we have to learn how to cope with stress, and it’s actually possible to co-live with it, as long as you put the work to build a mental barrier.

And of course, there are tactics and different tools that can help you feel calmer during the day. Things like essential oil diffuser bracelets like those from Kumi can help you keep calm when on the move, while a calendar app like Google Calendar can help you structure your day.

But there are also other things that you have to think about. Things like your health, the liquids you’re consuming, and the time you spend using technology all play a role in how stressed you feel.

Schedule regular exercise in your calendar.

Exercise is a must, especially if you’re spending the larger part of your day in a sitting position. More and more of us are working in an office, or even at home, and that’s bad for our physical and mental health.

That’s why it’s important to block time in your day to do some sort of exercise. It can be walking with a pace around your neighborhood, or even going for a one-hour gym session — it all depends on what you enjoy doing.

It’s best to schedule the time in the afternoon after work is done. It just acts like a buffer zone that you can use to let everything out that has built up during the day. Of course, if afternoons are busy, go for a morning session instead.

Cut down on the cups of coffee or green tea, as caffeine can make you more stressed.

How many cups of coffee are you gulping per day? Now that a coffee shop franchise can be found on any corner, it’s more tempting than ever to consume more caffeine than we need.

And that’s pretty bad. If you’re drinking more caffeine than you should, more often than not, you’re going to feel more tired during the day, you’ll be less productive, and you’ll certainly be more stressed.

Caffeine consumption should be moderated, and ideally, you should stick to one coffee in the morning. Best case scenario you should quit drinking coffee altogether. Allowing your body to return to its natural energy levels is the best way to stay productive and feel calm during the day.

Go out more often without your phone on you.

Technology is one of the passive stressors that we don’t realize, but are making us more stressed just by having them around us.

If you have your phone in you, you’ll be sure to check your emails, answer Slack messages, or just scroll mindlessly on Facebook or Instagram.

So, turn off your phone and go on a walk with a friend, or a family member and enjoy some time together. If you don’t feel like going out, just turn it off after work hours.