The 6 Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Records Retrieval


Retrieving medical records is an involved process. It often involves a lot of communication between different parties, as well as time and money. Because they often have a lot to take care of, lawyers will often outsource records retrieval. This lets them focus on the cataloguing and analysis of these documents once they get them. Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing medical records retrieval.

Outsourcing Boosts Productivity

Lawyers often have a lot to do, which means they do not have enough time to do everything they need to. Outsourcing the retrieval of medical records frees up some time and mental energy to focus on the most important thing – winning the case.

Outsourcing Provides More Complete Records

One of the biggest challenges to records retrieval is ensuring the records are as complete as possible. To make this happen, lawyers have to talk to a lot of people, follow up on records, and do so much more. Because there is so much to be done, a busy lawyer can miss one or two documents they need for their case.

The firms they outsource to hire a lot of people with one primary task. These people have a lot more time to follow up on different records and documents as well as talk to relevant people to find ones that are not easy to find. Because the people handling this task have a lot more time, they will often provide more complete records.

Outsourcing is Faster

Rather than tasking records retrieval to someone with hundreds of things to do, why not give the task to someone focused on only one thing? Waiting for a lawyer or paralegal to complete the tasks they have so they can focus on records retrieval wastes time. The firms you outsource to will usually do it faster than your law firm could.

It Minimizes Errors

A common mistake that occurs is where a document is deemed inadmissible because it was not retrieved following the right procedure. Such an error can be costly to both you and your client. Records retrieval firms have the resources to ensure no errors are made during the retrieval process and that you have the documents you need for your case in time. Remember that documents that do not arrive in time can impact your case significantly.

Outsourcing Saves Money

When you need a specific document found, you can task your paralegal and they will likely find it. But when you calculate the cost of that retrieval and the time spent on it, you might find the process too expensive. Outsourcing saves you money by ensuring it is done quickly and right the first time around.


When you task a paralegal who has lots of other things to do to retrieve a document, you have to call them regularly to find out if they have found it. A records retrieval company can provide you with regular updates via email or text so you know where they are on finding the documents you need.

In many cases, you want records retrieval to go faster, follow the right procedures, save you money and provide you with accurate documents. Outsourcing this process guarantees all this and more.