obVus Solutions Salutes HealthCare Workers on the Pandemic’s Front Line


The spread of covid-19, as exacerbated by the Omicron variant, has stretched healthcare institutions and its front-line workers to the limit:  62% say their mental health has been negatively affected and nearly half report a disruption in sleep habits due to stress.  According to a national non-profit Mental Health America,  healthcare professionals are experiencing increased symptoms of emotional exhaustion, anxiety, loss of enthusiasm and detachment from patients.

“As the pandemic continues into its third year, those in the healthcare field are struggling with sustained levels of stress and anxiety,” said Dr. Beth Frates, President-Elect of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.  “The effects of chronic stress are real:  it reduces the body’s ability to perform, lowers immunity, impairs memory, and may even alter the structure of the brain over time. The impact to one’s overall well-being will be lasting, if not addressed with positive lifestyle choices.”

“Since the pandemic began, the U.S. healthcare sector has lost nearly half a million workers to burn out, giving rise to a pandemic within a pandemic,” said Ken Rosenblood, founder of wellness tech company obVus Solutions. “We recognize the need to support the well-being of those on the frontlines.”

1 Year Free Access to the minder Posture and Breathing App

In appreciation to those on the frontlines, obVus Solutions is offering 1-year of free access to its award-winning minder wellness iOS app.  The minder app is designed to manage mindful well-being and relieve stress utilizing a gamified environment and sensory cues.  minder prompts users to build mindfulness through breathing, posture, journaling and beneficial breaks, called “ME/Mos” (“me” moments). The effort launches February 14th through March 31st 2022.