Predictmedix AI Expands Diabetes Screening Solution in India


Predictmedix AI has broadened its diagnostic capabilities within India by introducing a pioneering, non-invasive screening solution for diabetes.

Predictmedix AI product suite consists of the capability to identify initial indications of diabetes in individuals through the analysis of inconspicuous biological markers. These markers, typically overlooked by conventional methods, have now become accessible to Predictmedix’s advanced AI technology.

The new AI-powered diabetes non-invasive screening solution holds the potential to revolutionise public health by transforming the way we detect and intervene in cases of diabetes. The new initiative driven by AI is focused on reshaping the existing methods used for the early identification and intervention of a commonly prevalent chronic ailment.

The recently introduced non-invasive diabetes screening solution utilises sophisticated AI algorithms to examine a comprehensive range of relevant information. This includes the analysis of blood flow patterns to track changes in volumetric blood circulation, which are indicative of fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

By leveraging the capabilities of AI to identify potential cases in their early stages, makes a substantial contribution to the well-being of individuals and the broader community.